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  1. Hey, thanks a lot! I can't believe you noticed it was my birthday. lol

    But hey...what are brothers for? haha

  2. Hey Happy Birthday, my org brother!!

  3. Jen got pissed off at me again lol.. I think she left for good.. As far as how I'm doin.. I'm good man, just busy with school!

  4. Hey, que pasa mi amigo!? What's up with you lately? Im pretty good. I mostly just lurk now-a-days, and do the word association thread...but that's basically it. Where is Jen?!

  5. Sir Big, how goes it??

  6. Care to elaborate on what you guys mean?? Does Accutane get progressively worse!??!
  7. Ok, so I am about to finish my 2nd month of Accutane....and sadly, it will be my last. I lost my insurance and now am unable to afford it without insurance. It totally sucks cuz I am basically clear and have no oil at all! Before, my oil was the worst it could ever be!!! So im prolly gonna cry. lol So, 2 months isnt long enough for it to be effective on acne or oil is it?!?! Will it all come back!?!?! This is me after only 2 months... I didnt have it really horribly bad...but had very oily
  8. OK, QUESTION!?!?! I need a lip balm that is NOT SHINY!!! Aquaphor is basically vasaline! Shiny as hell!! HELP!!!!!
  9. So...what does Dan The Man think??
  10. I find it funny that Dan shaves almost all the way up to his eyes, lol. Am I the only one that doesn't go that high??
  11. wouldnt change it for the world lol...

    how you been?

  12. Hey! What's up dude!?!? I see you still have your name! lol I feel so cool that we are prolly the only 2 ppl on here with connecting names! :)

  13. I didn't lose my oily skin until the 2nd week. But, I had it really bad before accutane anyways. Im in my 4th week and im breaking out a little, but not anything major.
  14. I'm on Clarivis too...and everything seems good. But I've only been on it for like 3 weeks haha. I dont think theres a difference though.