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  1. It only affects men. As it has been said before in this thread, you lose a lot of zinc on your sperm. If you take suplements you can compensate the loss of zinc. As yes, it does affect acne although it's not the cause.
  2. Take a shower and then shave (after your skin is soft). The best way is to heat up the blade in hot running water so it doesn't irritate the skin as much as before. Then apply a moisterizer and off you go. If all that doesn't work just try a phillipshave or something like that (electric shavers), i don't know what's the word in english.
  3. It's old news, but some of you maybe missed it (i know i did) http://www.newscientist.com/channel/health/dn7541
  4. It does help scarring. Your skin gets very dry and keeps exfoliating itself, so the least deep scars dissappear. I've taken Roaccutane and it did make most of my scars go away.
  5. If it's not severe acne don't take it. It's like rat poison, it kills the pimples but it can kill a little bit of you too..
  6. I had the same sympton. The hair gets better after you drop the medication, but i don't think it gets like it used to be. There are powerful shampoos and stuff on the market, try them.
  7. Mine is the 6th most spoken language in the world and it isn't on the poll! It's portuguese by the way. I also speak english, spanish, german and a bit of italian and russian.
  8. If you go to the beach on the summer and get tanned, eventually the marks won't be that noticeable.
  9. I got rid of my deeper scars while using accutane (which is called roaccutane here). It kept peeling my skin working like a exfoliator (don't know if this word exists) and so it removed a the layers of skin that made my scars be noticeable.
  10. Has anyone ever head acne on your scalps? My head is always a bit greasy, although i take a shower everyday. I found out that using a blow dryer to dry my hair avoids the greasyness, but i my hair looks funny when i dry it. Once my doctor prescribed me some antibiotics and it removed all the acne on my head, but after a few weeks it came back. I sense my hair is falling a lot! Enough to clog the drain...which sucks. What do you do to avoid this? I use some benzoil peroxyde when i go to bed,
  11. I've been under a lot of stress lately, like my heartbeat looks like a racing car engine. The love of my life traded me for an idiot and i simply don't know how to live. At the same time, i never had my skin this bad. It only adds up to my sadness...
  12. It's a good excuse for you to drink lots of water. It will only help the treatment and keep your liver safe.
  13. The worst part is taking blood tests! # I almost fainted once. The drylips are the least of the problems, specially if you are a woman and used to wear lipstick. I'm a man and so o broke the lipstick the first time i used it. I didn't buy lipstick again so my lips looked like they were butchered. Now they are fine. The bloody nose is a pain, i blleeded 3x in one night. That sucked. My eyesight at night got crappy, i almost ran over a guy on a pedestrian crossing! Plus i think my
  14. Even though i prefer brunettes, most men tend to like blondes..so your looks are safe! Are you just 19? You people in USA tend to look older and i have no idea why.