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    Writing, singing, traveling, LAUGHING, baking,<br />photography, being a bookworm, politicking,<br />yoga, making memories, living life to the fullest.<br />:)<br /><br />http://www.facebook.com/sara.katherine.smile<br />Facebook me:)
  1. Hey, everyone! Apparently, I'm terrible at maintaining a blog, as evidenced by the fact that my last post was over a year ago. Oops Nutshells of the past year regarding my acne: I completed my second treatment of Accutane last April, I believe. It was effective, but not nearly as successful as I had hoped it would be. By August, I was already beginning to break out again. Not as bad as it had been pre-Tane, but definitely unwelcome. It was really frustrating to know that I had gone through t
  2. Good luck on your second round of 'Tane! I'm currently on my 2nd as well, so here's to hoping we will both be cleared up for good!
  3. Hey NorthernTiger88! I'm Sara, nice to meet you! Your log already sounds so positive - hopefully the IB clears up fast and your course goes smoothly! Wishing you luck!
  4. Hey popcornplaya19! I'm Sara, nice to meet you! Your 'Tane journey sounds super similar to mine - I'm also 19 and started my second (and hopefully final) course of Accutane about three months ago. Wishing you a ton of luck!
  5. Update: Month 3, Day (I've Lost Count) So. Derm appointment was on the 30th. Annnnddd. It bummed me out a bit, not gonna lie. In her words, I was "making progress, but not the right amount of progress." If that's not disheartening three months into the game, I don't know what is. Basically...my skin IS clearing, but at this point in my treatment, it should be a lot clearer. So it's looking good (well, better), but not great. UGH, right?? Based upon this - and the fact that she could still f
  6. Update: Day I'm Not Sure (Let's go with 90-something) Why hello! It's been forever since I've updated here. The level of busy that has been heaped upon me by the powers that be has been kind of ridonkulous. However, I figured now that I have a free day, it was a good time to post again! So, I just started month three. Which is crazy to think about, because three months seems like forever but also like a really short amount of time. If that makes any sort of sense. My skin is still not clear,
  7. Aw, thanks! Wishing you the best of luck:)

  8. Good luck! I've just started my first round of the 'tane at age 23. Here's to hoping for both of us!

  9. Hey alirson! Congrats on starting! I'm on 60mg a day of Clavaris - what dosage are you on? For dryness, aquaphor is pretty much heaven sent. Highly recommend it : ) Good luck!
  10. Hey, rrw! I'm Sara, nice to meet you! : ) Congrats on starting your course! It'll fly by! I've noticed the itchiness as well, though I think it might stem from dryness. I've been putting aquaphor on my cheeks and it's worked really magnificently. I'll keep checking back, good luck!
  11. Hey livinlife2! I'm Sara, nice to meet you! : ) Congrats on your first week of 'Tane. I hope your course goes amazingly - I'll be checking back! Good luck! p.s. I thought the title of your log was funny, ha.
  12. Hey, namely! I wouldn't worry on the redness. I'm on my second course of Accutane right now, so I'm kinda familiar with the ins and outs : ) My skin is very, very fair and the first time around (and this time, too) my skin got really red, especially after showers and working out. By the end of the course, though, the redness was completely gone and my skin was virtually flawless. Good luck with your course!
  13. Hey TTAndersen I'm Sara, welcome! And congrats on starting your course. : ) I totally related to your introduction and the journey toward starting 'Tane. Hope your course goes great! The stage of blackhead freedom is an awesome one, haha. I'll be checking back, best of luck! : )
  14. Hey, girl, hey! Just checking in - your skin is looking great!