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  1. So since my last post which was almost 6 months ago my skin was doing really well no break outs my scars were fading - picture from my last post - those have now faded but as I mentioned last tI me it's a constant cycle with my skin. Just before Christmas I broke out quite badly around my jawline - which was either to do with a new bread I started eating (daily) or new oil I started using - I stopped both immediately! So I broke out on both left and right hand side of my face (not too concern
  2. I've read so many threads on this topic but I can't seem to find a suitable answer for myself. So I've been struggling with dark marks and haven't had clear skin for the past 3/4 years! By the time one scar fades, I end up breaking out a new one forms and it's been a constant cycle, luckily I don't break out much or often, it's the odd spot here and there, but it leaves a mark (even if I don't touch or pick at it) which takes 6-8 months to fully disappear. I also have a few marks which are n