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  1. Should anyone else need advice or thoughts, please contact me at: [email protected] I'll tell you anything that you want to know! Good Luck All! You can Do This!
  2. I love it! Been using it for 6 months now and see a HUGE difference in the texture of my skin and the overall cysts on my face. A++ to Nuskin! What gets me is the cost though. Sometimes I can't afford it and I start to break out again, but it DOES work! I've got tons of pics to prove it. Anyone need advice on it, just ask! Happy to share!
  3. After 2 months on spiro the docs took me off. All I had to show for it was weight gain, constant headaches and body aches and more acne. So I haven't been on Spiro for a LONG time. What I did start using is the Galvanic Spa system which I love! Although it has helped a lot, if I stop using it my acne comes back. There is no cure. It just is. I need to just accept it as such. I'm getting married in 2 months, and I pray that my face cooperates with me. best, F.
  4. DAY 81 Back to the cysts and pimples. ug this is so frustrating... almost 3 months and no clarity. at my last post i was looking much better and then that went to $%^&! so here i am again. i see the derm at the end of the month. hopefully she can tell me what is going on. what gives? did it really take this long for some people on spiro? ug. i'm off to go find a rock to crawl under...
  5. Good Luck! after 68 days I saw big improvements! Can't believe it actually. Hang in there and keep us posted! Drop me a line if you start up!
  6. DAY 68 Miracles do happen. Goodness. In just 8 days my face started changing. It is definitely smoother. The big cycsts have gone. I have a few small pimples and lots of red marks. Some come and go, and some still reappear on top of old ones, but nothing as big nor as bad as 8 days ago. What helped me was that I was puting straight Vitamin E on my face to help heal and calm it. Now I wash every morning I exfoliate St. Ives scrub with SA, and I tone with Neutrogena Acne Stress Toner with S.A.
  7. i feel your pain!! keep going! just a little longer and we'll get there
  8. DAY 60 wow..already 60 days... well, the cysts keep coming..but i do see a slight change in the texture of my skin. i'm making sure to moisturize more at night now. every so often i'll pop open a bunch of my vitamin E pills and spread them on my face... it's super sticky but huge improvement when i wake up in the morning. so..i'm going to keep going... 2 month mark ... i have faith that for month 3 i will see more changes. now back to work grumble grumble grumble
  9. DAY 56 Well.. pretty much 2 months in.. still have cysts...still have breakouts... and it does not seem to be improving at all... i called the derm today, i'm not supposed to go in and see her for another month, told her what was going on, she told me to up my dosage 100mg to 150 mg ..so tomorrow, I start a bit higher. i soooo need a break from this. my clients look at me like something is wrong with me but they don't want to say anything... ug. going back under my rock.
  10. DAY 44 one and a half months down and i honestly don't see improvement... my face is constantly getting new pimples... one on top of the other... someone please tell me that this gets better..... i am hoping that at the 2 month mark will bring a miracle!! when did everyone else start to see changes? ug. i'm so frustrated with this.
  11. my face keeps breaking out!!! and i too don't know if it's the cream or the spiro... but i'm practically one month down.. i honestly don't see many changes.. my skin looks smooth sometimes but mostly just dry and flaky where the cysts are....arrrrgghh... i don't see my derm for another month..she wanted to do a 3 month check up..hmmm... i dunno about that... i'm just trying to hang in there and not get to annoyed with this... what kind of makeup are you using to cover up? and face wash and cr
  12. Hi Yazgirl. Actually that was JoJoba Oil and a BUNCH of Vitamin E straight from the capsuls. My face was sooooooooo dry and ashy! So I just coated myself in it. It's better.. but my lips are constantly DRY... i love my coffee and my wine, but i can see how they both dry me out intensly! i've got pimples everywhere..they're still coming... one month in... going to be patient and keep moving forward... How are you?
  13. Hi Yazgirl! I have uploaded pics from week 2 of spiro. Should be viewable by tomorrow. I am still on BC. It is Trinessa...generic version I started accutane in '07... and in less than a year I started seeing that something was starting to come up again.. ug it sucked! but now on spiro I definitely am getting pimples in areas that I NEVER had them before like my cheeks! uuuf! and it's one on top of the other..the minute one goes away another one follows..but i'm guessing that is the cream that
  14. my journey on spiro.....
  15. Hi there! I'm interested in following your log with the Spiro! Lets see what happens! I definitely feel less bloated, but no weight loss that I can see or feel.... 29 days in... just going to keep pushing! I see my derm in 2 months, so we'll see what happens...time is going to fly!! Can't wait to hear more!