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  1. I second the accutane suggestion. Are the "boil type" spots or rashes of spots clearing up eventually? If not, they may be keyloid (sp?) scarring from acne. I have a few of these scars on the side of my face and shoulder, and they never completely clear up, though my derm injected them 2 weeks away to remove some of the redness and bumpiness. I went on accutane in May, my derm said I was good candidate for the drug because of my age (27), my scarring, the fact that I was not planning to get pr
  2. Hi Sparkley- I changed some of my products after going on Accutane in May, my derm recommended only gentle cleansers and moisturizers. In the AM, I used Cetaphil Cleanser for Normal/Oily skin, followed by Olay Complete Sensitive Skin Moistuizer with SPF 15 (Dan recommends this product for his regimen as well). In the PM, I used Aveeno Ultra Calming Foaming Cleanser, and Cerave Moisturizing Cream. Good luck!
  3. Thanks, these are great suggestions! I probably will do the Cetaphil wash and SPF moisturizer in the AM, and I definitely want to try the Eucerin at night!
  4. Yep, tightness and redness started on day 5 for me too. Ducks, I'm only a few days behind you...I'll be checking out your log so I know what to expect!! Nikkia, my derm said it's ok to continue to use topicals as long as your skin can tolerate it. However, she said most people aren't able to tolerate for very long If it's only your 4th day, you'll probably be fine using a topical to clear up a few breakouts I should add... I have tightness and redness, but no flaking... I still get as oi
  5. Hi All- Just want to share with you something my dermatologist told me last week about vitamins and supplements. It may be worth asking your own docs about it or, at least keeping them informed if you do take vitamins! I started Accutane last Friday, and asked my doc if she recommended taking fish oil or Vitamin E supplements to help with any joint pain or dry skin side effects (which I really wanted to do!) I've seen that some people in this forum do that, and in some cases, it really helpe
  6. Hi All- I started Accutane (40 mg daily, 26 year old Female, 130 lbs) last Friday, and so far, so good. I am washing with Dan's cleanser twice a day (but will soon switch to Cerave or Cetaphil, as I am running out of Dan's) and moisturizing in the AM with Olay Complete for Sensitive Skin with SPF, and a Clinique moisturizer w/o SPF in the evening. I am noticing that the skin on my face is a bit more red and feels tight, but no flakes yet. Some acne has already dried up, and I got two small wh
  7. hey, we're in the same boat...i started today too! took my first pill at 9:00 AM. like you, i have very mixed feelings about starting accutane... I'm excited, anxious, and frustrated (that it's come to this!) all at the same time. Despite all the bad feelings, I know that both of us will have clear, beautiful skin in just a few months time! I myself have lived with acne for 13 years...time for both of us to get rid of it, once and for all! good luck!
  8. Hey All- I should be starting Accutane on Friday (yikes!) and have been looking into which moisturizers/cleansers to use. Currently, I use Dan's Cleanser, Dan's BP, and Olay Complete for Sensitive Skin SPF 15 in the AM. At night, I use Dan's Cleanser and BP, no moisturizer. I know that once I start Accutane, I'll be cutting the BP out of my regimen (scary and exciting!!) Am thinking of continuing to use Dan's cleanser and the Olay in the AM, and then using Dan's moisturizer in the PM. Anyon
  9. Gliders, so sorry to hear about your muscle aches!!! Can you keep us posted as to what supplements/diet changes you try, or any changes in your aches? Caoimhin, am curious as to what you will decide... I am definitely worried about this, and it's the one possible symptom that is holding me back from wanting to take Accutane. I am taking the month of May to think about whether I want to do Accutane, and will see my doc in 4 weeks to give my decision. I can deal with chapped lips, dry skin, e
  10. Hi All- I went to my derm today and need to get a blood test and get back on a birth control pill before starting accutane. My old gyno was happy to write me a prescription for Ortho-Lo without having me come in, since I was on it for years before stopping last year. My question is, do I have to get my blood test done BEFORE starting the pill? It's somewhat an urgent question, as I am "scheduled" to start the birth control on Sunday, and can't contact my doc to ask before then.... Thanks!!
  11. I'm with you all. I'm 26, and have had it since I was 13. Hard to think that I've had acne for half my life!!!
  12. Just came across this post and I HAVE to vent... I tried Murad in July 2006 after being on Proactiv for 4 years. Proactiv was fine, but I always had at least a couple pimples on my face, I never got completely clear. A Murad rep started talking to me while I was shopping and told me about the "wonderful" benefits of Murad, that it would clear up those 2 pesky zits and keep me clear, blah blah blah. Of course, I bought the kit, mask, everything. It cleared me up in the first week and got rid o
  13. 13 years....half my life (I'm 26). It was the worst when it started at 13, then again in Dec 2004 when I broke up with my boyfriend, and then from July 2006-November 2006 when i was on Murad...which i do NOT recommend
  14. Yeah, you have to keep it cold and it makes your skin feel a little tight. In the morning, you may still see a little bit of white residue on your face. It worked WONDERS for me...my face was covered in acne in fall 2006, and it cleared me completely in 4 weeks. My skin was also used to BP at the time, and I think the addition of an antibiotic in the benzamycin helped to kill bacteria. It took about 2-3 months to use the entire container (I only used at night), and since then I've been on an abb