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  1. Czepusz

    My Acne (Need some help)

    Yeah I actually watch Brian Turner, but I actually started using the Acne.org Regimen so we will see how it works out!
  2. Czepusz

    My Acne (Need some help)

    What would you recommend me using for the scars? Thanks!
  3. Czepusz

    My Acne (Need some help)

    I'll take your word, thanks for the advice!
  4. Czepusz

    My Acne (Need some help)

    What would you say about the Acne.org regimen? Do you think it can help?- I do eat dairy and sugars occasionaly, But I try to eat healthier. And also I have a quick question, Would the acne.org regimen be something I should try, and would it help with the scars on my face? Thanks for the reply!
  5. So I have been struggling with acne for almost 2 years now. I first started breaking out bad my Junior year in High School, I am a Freshmen in College now and I just finally wanted to reach out to this forum and get some help. I tried many things in the past to help my skin clear up. I am a pretty healthy guy I drink almost a gallon of water a day, I go to the gym a lot and try to keep a healthy life style but then i'm left with these scars and acne on my face and sometimes I just lose motivatio
  6. So i'm a 18 year old male and I've been dealing with these red marks and acne on my face for about a year by now. I tried a lot of products, seen many dermatologist and nothing has worked. Just really want to figure out if there's hope and see if theirs a treatment for me that will work. Thanks guys!
  7. Hey I recently got this on my face yesterday, I was working outside in the sun all day and I don't know what it is please help.
  8. I been battling with this type of acne on my face for a year now I don't even know what I have going on I don't know what to do anymore and I need some advice and help please. I'm 18 year old male.
  9. So I don't really know much what to use on my face and stuff I did see a derm but nothing worked. I had these scars for about a year now and I really want to find a treatment for me that would work and help. I need some advice please
  10. Czepusz

    Need some help and what should I do?

    So what do I specifically have on my face, scars, hyper pigmentation or what?
  11. So i'm pretty new to this forum, I don't really know a lot about skin and what to use to get the best results that's why I came on here for some help. I'm 18 year old male I got a lot of red marks on my face which I want to heal. What do you guys recommend me to do and can I get some advice thanks