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  1. We'll any guys reading this forum? Thoughts, concerns?
  2. Was on a strong dose of accutane for 7 months, been off for 2 months now and my skin is still so tender. Everyday I wear sunglasses to work and when i get there and take them off for the next hour if I go to the bathroom the bridge of the nose from the sunglasses is bright red and looks like a huge cut from a good hour from very light pressure on my skin. The glasses are even padded. When does it stop when can i rest my hand on my cheek and it not be red for an hour?
  3. I see, well personally I think I probably should start dressing better. I;m sure ill feel very uncomfrtoable in those nice clothes but I guess its probably for the best?
  4. O.k, im an average looking guy but with scars and red marks. I've never wen't out and bought new clothes for anything cause I feel like whats th point. If I look bad in the face then will wearing nice clothes really make a diffrence? Girls do you like a guy who dresses sharp and with some good style, does it really make them that more attractive?
  5. Mild acne for many years made me try retin a- big mistake broke me out like never before and gave me the redmarks I have today and scars. Went to accutane and finished it about a month ago and while currently I only get about 1 pimple a month now, my damn cheeks especially around my smile line have a bunch of scars long line scars and I feel like my skin looks like im a senior citizen at age 20. Its so pissing me off.
  6. Yea, my derm really messed me up. I cant describe how mad i am. I went in for my monthly checkup on accutane. Had cysts ebfroe on my visits, he said nothing of it. I go in a few days ago and had two cysts that were shrjinking on their own. Doc says u want a cortison im lik uh idk theyre going down pretty good right now. He kept being persistant and saying oh people love it after i give it to them come on your gonna like it. Since hes a derm I didint wanna say oh i heard it dents your face. So
  7. huh? I can't even remember why I said that lol.

  8. how the heck did u know i like fishing?

  9. Oh no my mistake IM still on tane 2 months in at 80 mg a day. Im just worried that my current redmarks from tane wont improve after i get off the drug.
  10. After you finished accutane? I have a lot of redmarks and they are very noticeable since I went on tane. Is that because my skin is so thin and they are more noticeable? Anyones redmarks not as noticeable after theyr'e course ended?
  11. Hey buddy! Just wanted to say Hi =) long time since we talked here lol.