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  1. It's a very good result. But you still need the right doctor(s), the proper healing ability, the time, and up to $10,000 depending how severe your case is. You need luck too. Most of us knew it was certainly possible to improve scars, but after jumping through how many hoops? Meanwhile, you get 1 or 2 nose job / breast augmentations and the deal is done and finished, but with treating scars you are forced to "gamble" over and over and over with absolutely no guarantee of improvement. Becau
  2. I logged in because you have a special place in my heart. You were a fairly vocal critic of laser in the past; why don't you just continue subcising and filling on a bi-annual period? From what I recall, those treatments yielded you the most improvements. At age 29 you will also begin experiencing skin changes related to aging which may result in worse looking scars. Even if smooth skin is never achieved with surgery, those slight improvements take a huge weight off the shoulder. People wit
  3. There is no escaping the passage of time, therefore, there is no escaping aging. If you think now is bad let us think 10, 20, 30 years ahead? How are you going to react? You (all of us) must learn to accept that we are going to get old, and look old.
  4. Pics? @Amp2695 Post them prior to your blunt subcision. I especially want to see.
  5. Update? Pictures? Do not be so hesitant, nobody is expecting you to have perfect skin. Let us see the progress.
  6. We've been waiting a long time for pictures, how do you like your improvements?
  7. Worst light you can find? This looks like a typical picture one would take for Instagram; hardly the worst light. Looking at your photo: Few irregularities on your chin area, but otherwise I notice nothing. To really see what is going on take a picture in actual bad lighting, ie. flash light pointed indirectly at your face within a darkened room; only then can we make a proper judgement, girl.
  8. @beautifulambition you never talked about cannular subcision since I signed up 2 years ago. Now just like magic you mention it 24/7.
  9. @Amp2695 post a picture, I want to see first hand how the filler did nothing. Thanks.
  10. Patient had the perfect scars for it; you (and I) would not get such clear cut results from the same operation IMO.
  11. This after two operations with Novick? At $2,000 a pop? Brutal. You seem to be a poor responder. Thankfully, your scars are moderate rather than severe.
  12. That's a good improvement thus far IMO, assuming consistent lighting.