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  1. Maybe self-tanning products would work?
  2. Would tinted moisturizer work?
  3. Hi, I have tinea versicolor which is basically a fungal disease on my skin causing me to have hypo-pigmentation or white spots on my face. My confidence is utterly shattered by these white spots around my face. I've been avoiding to go out with friends. The doctors says it will take 4 weeks or more for my skin tone to return to normal. My last resort is using concealer. I'm a guy and would like some recommendations on what to use. I need something oil-free, with SPF and something that doesn
  4. Those look like white fungal spots mate or Tinea Versicolor.
  5. I've had SD on my cheeks and between my eyebrowns. I also have Tinea Versicolor (white spots) on my neck and underneath my eyes. HOWEVER, ever since I came back from my trip in Asia, my SD areas are not red anymore but they are turning into white spots just like my white spots. I have read that SD and Tinea versicolor are related because they are both fungal infection. Does anyone here have tinea versicolor?
  6. It looks like you got backhanded in the face. I would put ice on it.
  7. SD on the face is a very different story. A lot of people have problems with head dandruff but thats why there are proven products like head & shoulders and selsun blue. BUT there is no SD-on-the-face dedicated products out there.
  9. Hey, i've been using sulfur soap for the past 2-3 months. it really controls it quite well. my face doesn't flake dead skin anymore and the redness is somewhat gone BUT as of the past week it has been failing me. the redness is back on my face and its killing my confidence. i have no idea why it just stopped working... i think the soap's potency has weaken or perhaps my SD has evolved.. im going to order a new soap bar.
  10. i bought egg whites in a container... this should give me the same effect of a real egg right... damn i can really feel it tighten my skin
  11. hey what do you guys do about the flaking? every morning i wake up and its depressing to look in the mirror when you have so much flaking. i think i would scare my gf if she slept overnight with me haha =( what i do is i use clear tape and let the tape do its work. however it does make my skin a bit more irritated and thus more red. then i apply jojoba oil / moisturizer and hope that my skin stays moist and doesnt flake in public what are your guys experience on this?
  12. hey ive read the whole forum so far. got some questions: ACV or apple cider vinegar, do you drink it or apply it to the face? do any of you use the "tape method" of exfoliating the flakes? (using tape) thanks
  13. so at last i no longer get acne but then seb dermatitis hits me right in the cheeks >< i am currently using the tape method to get rid of the flakey skin. im also using 1% hydrocortisone. reading the side-effects of hydrocortisone is already quite scary, will prolong use of it make my skin worst? i try to use it only when i need to. whats worst is that when i wash my face it tends to make my cheeks flare up so i usually just splash water on my face as to using a cleanser.