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  1. Have any of your doctors recommended it to you for post fraxel redness?
  2. Anybody here using Dr. Cohen in Bev. Hills? Just did my first one with Flora, the nurse tech. She was very nice but not aggresive enough for my taste. She would only go up to level 12. She did many passes but nothing with high energy.
  3. I have not noticed any reduction in price.. in fact the same doc I went to 1 year prior to is charging more $$ now than he was a year ago.. They are still at around 1K per treatment. If you can find better in Los Angeles you are very lucky.
  4. Hi Rebellgyr, Can you tell me where you had your LIS done? I talked to Dr. David Duffy in Torrance and turns out he doesn't do Silicone... only non perm. fillers - which is a shame because he would have been local for me. I don't mind flying out to wherever to have the most competent Dr. perform this procedure since it is so permanent. Thanks
  5. There are a few large posts on here about people's experiences. Just do a quick search. You can also go here. http://www.drrullan.com/di-gallery4.htm
  6. Good luck. I can't even find someone in the LA area. Your best bet is to explain the procedure to your derm and hope they are OK with trying it on you (unlikely due to possible lawsuits) or travel to someplace that you know of that does the procedure.
  7. Another vote to err on the side of caution. My excised scar is less shallow but much broader and looks like even more of a crater in certain lights
  8. but there really is no other filler like silicone. it can fill in smaller scars that other fillers can only round out.
  9. Really well put Rupert. Time looks back for noone. Make the best of your situation and move on. Take things as they are and not how they could have been. Live in the moment and just be. There is so much that life offers anew every day, but you have to be receptive to it. Wallowing in the past will only close you off to what is in store for you in the future.
  10. Sadly, I do not think siilicone injections are reversible at this time. I would have thought your doctor would explain this to you before going in for treatment. Your best bet would be to find a good doctor that does the procedure and he can tell you all your options. Do a search on this board. I do remember a thread about a Doctor in NY that invented the procedure or something like that. Good luck to you.
  11. I would do 1 (ONE) TEST spot first, pref. on a less conspicuous area of your face. I had it done on 1 scar and it made it much worse. The pulled skin forms a shallower but larger diameter crater that looks worse in most lighting conditions. Again, I would proceed with caution.
  12. Maybe its just the camera, but I can't see your demarc lines at all. Your skin looks pretty good. Have you tried sunless tanning creams or even makeup?
  13. Do you mean Dr. Richard Fitzpatrick of Dermatology Associates? I have his address as: 5909 Sea Lion Pl in Carlsbad. Just want to be certain since I plan on seeing him for my fraxel treatments. $2000 seems like a lot considering the average is half that price. I found a doctor doing it for $750 but I want to go with the best doctor for this laser treatment. btw, next time you need aloe, you should just buy a plant at any home improvement store or nursery. Cut off a piece and rub it on your f
  14. I've tried both, and found they both are not that great. Restylane does feel hard and lumpy at first and collagen is much smoother and more natural looking. The reason I didn't like either is because they don't last. Even the restylane didn't last more than 3 months for me. They were both around 2-3 months tops. Hope this helps.
  15. Had 6 courses of S/B over 1 year ago. Did nothing for my scars.. I feel it may have helped my acne some but scars are no better off for it. Some have reported good results so take everyones responses objectively. There were a couple of HUGE threads on smoothbeam which you will find if you do a search. It was the rage of this board a year or two ago. Good luck.