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  1. @Serenitypinkblossom: Yes and no. Some people including myself hare MSG sensitive, so eating any MSG/Glutamate, and I'm like a dot the dot drawing. Plus in the Western world, MSG is used in much large amount and our diets aren't that good anyway, we generally don't eat enough fruit and veg, and drink enough water. @ctbo: The best way to see if your going to get spot is. Harshly, to actually eat some Chinese food, and monitor what it does for you over a 72 hour period. It's worth noting that T
  2. Loads of places add flurine to the drinking water, its acctually to help with your dental care! helps to kill germs etc. The amounts of flurine in drinking water are very very small, which is good because it is very toxic to every living thing. aerine - I would acctually be very surprised if it was the chlorine that helps your face, It most likely to be the urine in the water, urine is very very sterile and can be used for cleaning. Sound nasty
  3. Lol i had those, you could only see them if you stretch the skin - lol one day they just went, shame acne doesnt do the same thing!
  4. Hey, If I was you I would get on B5, it really does work, it works for me, and alot of other people to. I have tried many of the products you have tried, with a similar end result. Dont be washing your face to much it can really lead to poor skin.
  5. Hehe - I know quite a few guys that wear make-up. Dont see why men cant try to make themselves look half decent! Havent tried it myself tho, was a bit unsure of which one to use, they all look quite orange to me! Lol nvm
  6. No offence but you cant be a turkish cypriot because its not an offically recognized country in the first place. btw - Russian to the core - AK47 is my middle name
  7. I personally havent seen that much of a big change in the oil production going on, on my face, although quite a few people have commented saying my face has been looking alot better recently. So I suppose there must be some sort of change there.
  8. Taking it with food is really nasty to, it just ruins a perfectly nice meal or drink, its a real shame cause its alot easier and cheaper to buy high doeses of powder than pills, but its really hard to take I have mixed it with loads of hot drinks like, tea, coffee and hot chocolate, you need to add about 5 teaspoons of sugar, and hot chocolate is the only one that seems to hide the taste, but its still nasty. Back to pills i think
  9. I feel my face before I go to bed and when i wake up, I always look in the mirror to. It just one of those things that has to be done.
  10. I really dont understand this "Food has nothing to do with Acne" thing Of course it does - if you eat sweets and other crap then where does your body get the vitamins it needs from??? easy answer is that it doesnt, and as a result you can experience side-effects such as dry skin, spotty skin etc. along with others If you eat decent food, like 5 fruit and veg a day, plenty of fluids etc. then your body has all the vitamins it need to heal skin, and to grow new skin. Diet has a huge affect on y
  11. Hey folks, Bought some B5 Powder, much cheaper than the pills but there is one major draw back I really have no idea how to take it, I am currently mixing it in fruit juice, but it taste real nasty!! And I mean real nasty!! Just wondering if anyone else is taking the powder and know what is the best way to take it. Cheers
  12. Lol, on my leg i noticed 6 small hairs out of one follicle I dont think it really makes much of a difference just one of those quirks of life! Im not sure how you could get rid of them. pretty time consuming!