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  1. john_vegas

    My Subcision + Saline + Suction Treatment

    I know it's just a few hours since your subcision but your before and after picture looks simply amazing. Now that I think of it, I think the Dr injected me with saline which caused me to swell up substantially...much more than you did. I must have mistaken the saline he injected for HA filler and ended up not suctioning. Oh well...Next time i would skip the aspirin pre-subcison and definitely suction post-subcision. Today I believe is day 15 post-subcision for me. The swelling have all gone dow
  2. Thank you BA for your prompt and informative reply. Your response has put my mind at ease. I will definitely consider following some of your recommendations. In regards to the aspirin though, I was aware that it would cause more bleeding, however, the reason why I took it prior to subcision was due to this youtube video: where Dr Jefferey Rapaport recommends taking baby aspirin 7 days prior to subcision as a measure to minimize retethering of the scars. Now looking back at this video, I'm n
  3. Hi everybody. I finally took the plunge and underwent subcision yesterday for the atrophic acne scars on both sides of my cheeks and temples. I'm currently swollen and badly bruised at the moment. During and after subcision, I had profused and prolonged bleeding most likely due to taking one tablet of baby aspirin everyday for 4 days starting 6 days prior to my subcision. (stopped aspirin two days prior to the actual subcision). Anyhow...before subcision, I was planning to suction my scars on d
  4. Thank you so much for your prompt response to my questions. I really appreciate it. Furthermore, I also want to express my gratitude for posting your subcision journey and before/after pictures. Your contribution was absolutely informative as well as inspirational to me and I'm sure to many others. Thanks again Robertitoo.

    1. john_vegas

      Adam Lambert skin = Flawless

      Hi Madzippy, Sorry to be off topic but i will be moving From Las Vegas to San Diego in August and was thinking about going to Dr Rullan to undergo subcision. I was wondering whether Dr Rullan charged for your subcision consultation and if so how much? Also how much did he charge for the subcision procedure itself? Did u see any permanent mprovement? if so, by what percent? Your response would be very much appreciated.