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  1. I never knew guys were scared of needles. I thought only girls were. haha jkjkjk!
  2. My face never actually got red...but I got like a whole bunch of whiteheads... it was amazing lol And your pores will look darkerr for about 1-2 weeks because of the purging blackheads.
  3. I think it would be ok.... but you might be concerned with not only the potential joint pain from accutane... but accutane can give you like a sore back. IT feels like you can stand straight upward at times.. like something is pushing from the back against your lower back. I dono if you can take vitamins or anything on accutane... my dermo told me stop all acne medications as well as any other vitamin/mineral capsule. Definately.. I experience back pain at times.
  4. woww I read your log and I'm only on day 7 for me 40 mg sotret for me. All i've experienced was some dry lips... but that bad... I do not need chapstick yet. However I still have oily skin -_-.... i'm glad accutane is working for you!
  5. well if you don't have insurance... the dermo appointments would cost quite a bit... and the accutane would cost anywhere from around 300-500 a month... plus the blood tests..... so thats already more than at least $550 a month if your insurance does not cover it.
  6. You need to wait half an year after your course to get a second course I believe.
  7. If I'm no mistaken, you need to wait 6 months after your accutane course to go on a second course. Too much accutane can he horrifying to the body lol. Is beauty more important.. or is your life more important?
  8. You do know that a combination of tazorac and retin A micro gets rid of blackheads pretty well? Just steam your face for 10 min. every other night and you should not have blackheads. Why would you risk the side effects of Accutane? Accutane is for severe cystic acne with lumps (search in google images) or acne that has been unresponsive to other treatment. Have you tried tazorac, differin, retin A-micro? Or perhaps tetracyclin, monocycline, doryx?? Blackheads and some oily t zone isn't sev
  9. Btw, I'm a male. How long does it take for me to be put in the ipledge system? So when its put in.. I can start accutane? :] Thank you for all your help!!! I'm actually very excited about this accutane ordeal lol.
  10. So.. I am about to start accutane. I had my appointment on Thursday 2/22 and my dermo told me to get a blood test. I got a blood test on friday morning 2/23 in the nearby hospital... and My next dermatologist appointment is on Thursday afternoon on 3/1. What is going to happen next?
  11. First off, your dermo will most likely to tell you to get a blood test.. so that this can be used as your base data so he/she has something to compare your cholesterol levels to during the accutane course. Then she/he will tell you to sign lotsa papers. I'm also curious.. as I am just about to start accutane too.
  12. ok I'm sorry, I thought you were talking about the pregnancy test.
  13. I am just about to start accutane, and I was wondering if the side effects of dry chap lips and a super dry face remain forever after your accutane course. I don't want to have to be carrying around chapstick and lipbalm with me for the rest of my life lol. So.. do the chapped lips and dry skin go away? Will I still get any oil on my face after accutane, and by when? Thank you for your response.