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  1. Update: I still can't believe how great this stuff is. Using Minocycline and the DKR has made me 100% clear, it's amazing. I wish everyone the best of luck who's thinking of trying it, it's the best decision i ever made.
  2. I've used the DKR since the beginning of December, and at first, I broke out. I have always had mild, but annoying acne, and when it got worse, I thought of quitting. However, I stayed on it, and my skin really cleared up. However, I would always get a pimple here and there, no matter what I did. So a month and a bit back, I called up my doctor, and he put me on Minocycline. Again, this site (no offense) has a lot more negative reviews for most products then positives, and Minocycline was no ex
  3. I've been ready over this board, and I found basically no positive reviews of this anti-biotic. I was really hesitant because it seemed that if no one is having any success....why should I be any different? Boy, am I glad that I didn't listen too many of the posts on this board, this anti-biotic has worked amazingly. Here's some information on my situation: How old are you? - 19 Type of Acne? - Mild...if that Did you experience any Side-Effects? - Felt a little sleepy on the FIRST Day, after
  4. This stuff rules man, it worked so good for me, i have not had one break out while using this....i highly recommend it!
  5. I shower twice a day as well, and wash my face 2-3 times during the day. I have no excess oil or breakouts, i wouldn't worry about it.
  6. Geez, i always find it weird when people say how they've had a pimple for more than 4 weeks. Maybe it's because i had mild acne...but even my worst, most inflammed pimple never lasted more than a week.
  7. Hmmm....I dunno if i should risk it. I think i might pass on it.
  8. Ice....Ice....and MORE ICE!!! haha seriously, even though i don't have acne anymore...Ice helped me so much, sometimes if I iced enough, the pimple wouldn't even come to the surface.
  9. I guess the main question im asking is: will i get an initial breakout from using these antibiotics EVEN if im doing Dan Kern's Regimen? Because If i would, i don't think it's worth it...as i said, i have really good skin, I'd rather have mild but stubborn chest acne then a breakout on the face.
  10. Hello all, My situation is quite simple, Dan Kern's Regimen worked really, really well for me. However, after my skin cleared up, I started adding a few little extra steps in here and there which really helped my face clear up. Right now I’d say my face is 97% clear, with no pimples and just a few fading red-marks. Today, In order to clear up my chest and back acne (mild at best, but I want to get rid of it before the summer), I received a prescription for Minocycline, an Anti-Biotic. While
  11. Don't use 10% BP! Studies have shown that 2.5% BP can be just as effective at treating acne, and it is also alot less irritating and will not make your skin so dry.
  12. A breakout when you start using a new acne gel/cream is quite common, I wouldn't worry about it, as it has happened to me before. The trick is to stay with it for a while, I remember I felt like quitting, but after 2 months, my skin is 95% clear, and I rarely get any pimples! As for your Irritation, try using a small amount at first, then once your skin becomes used to it, up the dosage. Stay with it, and Good Luck!
  13. Yea, im pretty happy i found it really early. Right now im thinking like Ice the hell out of it, then Apply some 5% BP...hopefully that'll clear it up by monday. Sound good?
  14. Heh, It's not red, and it's not really up yet, but I can definitely feel it on my forehead...I need help, is there anything I can do to get rid of it before it comes up? Like Ice, Vitamins, BP?