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  1. So today I showered as usual and my mother washed and dried my towels last night. I found out that she washed the dirty, potentially greasy kitchen clean up towels right before my towels. And dried them before my towels were dried. Would the grease be left over in any of the machines and transfer to my supposedly clean towels thus getting onto my face? Or do washing machines do a perfect job of removing that stuff and expelling it?
  2. i have to wait a couple of days before i recieve my shipment of cleanser because i ran out...I bought some purpose cleanser..i know this is on his reccomended page but what do you guys reccomend? Why does dan say no to fragrance also??
  3. no this has only become quite poor in the past couple weeks. and its not subsiding
  4. i dont understand though. i really dont. a couple of things i do differently then dan are these: I apply BP and moisturizer in sections. I use a towel when i apply both the bp and moisturizer to wipe off excess as i apply. but i really dont understand why im getting so many small pimples. you people with other tyes of acne (excluding servere) dont know how lucky you are. You DONT WANT acne EVERYWHERE like me. any other input im fucking pissed. im afraid to go in public right now
  5. WHY??? why is my face like this? ive been on for 2 years consistently and i use it perfectly. link to pic. http://s69.photobucket.com/albums/i43/Wick...nt=DSCF2120.jpg
  6. so about a week and a half ago i skipped the regimen at night. not once, but twice in that week. and now im experiencing the worst breakou ive had in as long as i can remember. Is that skipping twice back then the culprit? And how long does it take a breakout to run its course and subside?
  7. My family broils salmon in the oven alot and it causes the bottom story of the house to fill with...steam? I try to stay clear of it. but just incase would this cause breakouts? i dont know if its steam or if its like evaporated oil from the fish?? anyone give their input?
  8. in the areas where i dont put the regimen my skin is more clear ie. undeanearth my jawline and very sides of my face. does this mean i should stop the regimen?
  9. so tomorrow ill need to get up and shower at 4am. but right now my schedule of 12 hour apart showering is 730am 730 pm. what should i do?? should i push back tonights shower to like 530pm and then tomorrows shower to 4am? or just take regular time shower tonight and take a shower tomorrow 3 1/2 hours early? i just dont want to break out. what do you guys feel is best
  10. i saw dans video and he said he uses the cleanser as a shampoo... Is this effective as a shampoo? does it clean your hair thoroughly just like any shampoo would? I wouldnt want to use is as a shampoo only to have my hair still be greasy and then ill be pissed cuz that can lead to breakouts! any input from anyone?
  11. so i am going to prom tonight and i took a shower just now at 615am and then im going to have to wash again at 430pm. is that too little of time between? 10 hours and 15 mins? will i break out?!
  12. yeah i mean i notice my skin is much less dry after washing it in the sink due to the fact that the water isnt pounding my face so to speak. but im worried its not washing off the cleanser thoroughly enough... i dont want there to be cleanser on my face when i apply the BP you know?
  13. So i usually take two showers a day. the morning for everything and at night for my face primarily. you may ask why dont you just wash ur face in the sink at night? well I have major acne OCD and any changed in my regimen perfection or ideals makes me freak out and think im breaking out! so tonite i washed my face in the sink for the first time and i hated it. it felt like it took forever to wash the soap off my face and even get it nice and wet... when in the shower there a constant stream of w