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  1. It's not too crazy. Corn is actually pretty high on the glycemic index scale, so it would spike your blood sugar levels.
  2. Yep, salicylic acid breaks me out as well. The difference is that salicylic acid acts like an exfoliater. It cleans out the pores, where as benzoyl peroxide is more of a strong antibiotic. It basically kills the top layer of your skin hence the extreme dryness / redness.
  3. As Duke2508 stated, make sure you use shaving cream and apply aftershave. I've used jojoba oil and aloe vera as well and it seems to keep the little pimples at bay.
  4. Been taking vitamins for 2 years now --probiotics, multivitamins, vitamin d supplement, fish oil-- and it hasn't made a difference on my skin. Nonetheless, I'll still keep taking it every day, twice a day.
  5. Since my 20s, I've been getting more acne around the mouth. The things I've noticed that might have caused it falls into three categories. (1) Flossing. Due to my sensitive skin, if a dirty piece of floss touches my mouth, I generally get acne there the next day. (2) Oily food from restaurants. My guess is that they generally don't use the healthiest oil. (3) Whiten strips / toothpaste. I generally get canker sores from using them and acne around the mouth follows soon after. As for the rest
  6. Are you nicking yourself when you're shaving? Some shaving creams cause a lot of irritation for me where I'll break out right afterwards. I've been having luck with proraso.
  7. As much as I hate the nose ones, I think I hate the ones next to the mouth more. It's ridiculously hard to get rid of those and the skin is extra sensitive there. On top of it all, it looks like herpes
  8. Dan's cleanser (Acne.org) and Cetaphil (Amazon or any Pharmacy) are both light cleansers.
  9. I wash mine once a week and it has definitely helped. I think every day is a bit too extreme. What caused a lot of acne for me was actually my blanket since I would cover my pillow with it when I made my bed.
  10. Never spoke to my close friends about acne. I mean there are days (like today) that it really pisses me off and I want to vent, but I have a feeling they don't want to hear about it and they'll get tired of it and say "just get over it."
  11. Basically, I'm looking for some acne medication that's basically transparent to apply when I go out. I use to use cylindamycin (prescription based, its light and transparent and it doesn't make my skin red). The issue with BP is, it's not really transparent and it bleaches my clothes, so I prefer not to apply it when I'm going out. Any suggestions / recommendations?
  12. Which part of Brooklyn should I start the search in? Actually I think I found something , it has to be "Angel Made In Heaven"
  13. Yeah, just send me a PM with your name and address. I should of stated that earlier.
  14. First off be very careful around the side of your mouth and cheek area (under the eyes near the nose). Those are the most sensitive spots. If its red, leave it alone and do not put any more BP until it calms down. Trust me, I've been using BP for a while now and I stupidly burned the side of my mouth a week ago, because it was red and I continued to put BP on it. I figured my skin has adjusted to BP by now because I've been using it for months now, boy was I wrong. I gave myself a chemical burn,
  15. It's really something you get use to. Start off by sleeping on the side and then when you get tired flip to your back. In time you'll feel more comfortable with sleeping on your back. I have phases where I sleep on my back / my side. Right now I can't sleep comfortably on my back, actually if I lie on my back, I end up sleeping two hours later. I find my mind clears a lot quicker when I sleep on my side. Generally I sleep on my back. It's really something you get use to. Start off by sleeping o