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  1. Day 14 Officially two weeks on the drug. The changes I have noticed is that many of my little bumps are gone (I still have many) but my right cheek continues to give me a lot of trouble. I wish it just wasn’t so RED. I also hate to put on the amount of makeup that it takes to cover the redness. Also, I seem to be getting less prominently visible pimples, but they hurt so much MORE. My lips are begging to give me a little bit of trouble, but I kind of like it just because I know for sure the d
  2. oh uh, i hope i don't get those side effects! but i definetly admire you for listening to your body. acne is nothing compared to depression
  3. Day 10 Ok, I am going crazy right now I am ITCHY. My face, my arms, my scalp.... aghh! Also, I was wondering if someone could tell me how to post pics on here? I try to but when I press upload it takes forever and doesn't do anything. My pictures are already scaled down to 40 kb. Any suggestions?
  4. sdsp30

    progress pics

    which will hopefully happen soon...
  5. Hope you guys are having a good day! Wow, I am so relieved to finally be on accutane... I never thought I would be able to get it. The whole issue is with my mom, who worries SO much. I mean I know most moms do, but she REALLY does. For example, when I got diagnosed with mono (and even though my symptoms were not bad at all) my mom worried so much that she was actually more sick than I ever was during the course of the virus... And don't get me wrong, I am very thankful to have a mom that worr