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  1. 20 weeks on Accutane today. Acne Update - CLEAR. CLEAR. CLEAR. Been clear for the last 4 weeks! Dryness - Usual dryness. Fellow accutaners - water is key! The more water you drink the less severe the side effects. I say that yet have been slacking myself lol... Lips - Nothing our of the norm.. Toilet Problem - On and off... WATER IS KEY Aches and Pains - Back aches here and there - WATER IS KEY Tiredness - Much better now. Had my appointme
  2. 16 weeks on Accutane - How has it been that long?! Acne Update - CLEAR. CLEAR. CLEAR. Fellow sufferers will agree with me that you'd normally wake up and touch your face to feel for new bumps or spots because 99% of the time there would be! But my gosh what an amazing feeling this is!!!!!! Please stay this way!!! Only downside I am noting now that the acne is gone, is that my face is very very very red. Not sure why. TBH, I'd take a red face over spots any day of the week.
  3. 15 weeks on Accutane. Wowsers. Still remember the drama/fear of taking my first pill (and so does my poor fiance lol!) Acne Update - CLEAR. Since last week, no new breakouts and am clear. Don't want to jinx it but hoping it'll stay! Sking is very red though and dry around the chin area where I had a breakout last week. Dryness - Sudacrem was not a good idea! Didn't help at all. Sticking to normal hand creams and praying for the best. Lips - Cracked corners and peely lip
  4. Feeling quite down again and am pretty sick of being on Accutane. Cannot wait for this to be over I feel like the side effects I'm suffering are just bugging my big time now and am feeling fed up and annoyed now. Right, now that I have my rant out of the way - the update you guys will be more interested in: Acne Update - Breaking out again! Yes. Not happy. For the last 2 weeks am getting random spots on my cheeks and chin - why?! Just when I thought things were improving. Ughhhhh.
  5. Not much to update this week - generally speaking my symptoms have not varied much: Acne Update - Fewer spots this week (maybe one or two small whiteheads which clear quickly). My skin is looking much better - I compared photos of my skin this week to my 2nd week on Accutane and the improvement is so amazing! Dryness - No improvement here whatsoever! My hands are getting worse. The only cream that seems to help is E45 so am sticking to that for now and drinking lots of water.
  6. So haven't had a chance to update on progress over the last few weeks - been incredible busy with work and marking the end of Ramadan! Generally speaking my symptoms have not varied much: Acne Update - am still breaking out here and there with small white heads and bumps - mainly on my forehead for some odd reason (which pre accutane was clear!). Thankfully no more cysts on my chin. Generally speaking my skin is looking much better - it feels much smoother and the scars are beginni
  7. I think I started around the same time you did. My Initial breakout was terrible too and only cleared last week. I found that my initial breakout only lessened when my dose went up from 30mg to 60mg - but everyone is different. Don't lose hope - its just a matter of time. Maybe speak to your derm about increasing your dose sooner? Good luck!
  8. So just completed my second week on 60mg.. Early on in the week skin was breaking out again all over... within days this cleared up (apart from a few spots on forehead) and my skin touch wood, is looking pretty okay! The best it has looked since March. Lots of scars and red marks being left behind but I am sure they will fade. Am hoping this week marked the end of my IB! Cheeks and chin are 90% clear - just the forehead ones won't budge. But I am very happy so far with the progress made on 60m
  9. So, I have completed a week on 60mg and thankfully, the side effects have not deviated much from when I was on 30mg! To summarise: Lips have become a lot more dry / peely / corners of mouth are cracking but am going cray cray applying aquaphor all day lol Hands have become very dry - I have dry skin on hands anyway but this is just making it worse - peely skin No new aches or pains Toilet problem (previous post) is getting better MY SKIN: A lot better than the fi
  10. So.. yesterday was the 6 week mark in my accutane journey on 30mg. So update over the past week: Lips became very dry and cracked (I think was due to my own laziness in applying aquaphor more than anything else) Skin was still going crazy with new breakouts almost daily A slightly more embarassing side effect - I have been having trouble going to the toilet for the last 3 weeks, not quite constipated but painful sensations during bowel movement. I didn't really think too much
  11. Mum44 - really glad to hear you are over the worst of it. How much longer is your course expected to last? Can I ask how long your IB lasted? AcneScience - Thank you for your input - much appreciated. I am usually quite a optimistic but looking in the mirror these days is scary! Are you still on Accutane?
  12. So I haven't really updated since week 2 so I wanted to come and share with you guys my accutane woes over the last few weeks. I passed the one month mark (Relief!!!!!) So for me, it wasn't until the end of week 2 that the dryness began. My lips and my face became very very dry! But this wasn't neccesarily a bad thing for someone like me who has had very oily skin forever. On a normal day I would be powdering / patting down my face 2-3 times a day on average throughout the day. Now, my ski
  13. Day 8 Aches and pains have subsided. Break out on forehead and cheeks - but I know and accept this needs to happen. 3 cysts have formed on my chin around the area where there was one sitting there for months. Quite painful and just not very nice to feel. Day 9 Breakout continuing - noticing a few new blackheads pop up around nose area. Also noting that a lot of whiteheads are forming. Still finding that my skin is not drying up? Still very oily and so am wondering how long it takes for th
  14. Day 1 So last night I finally started Accutane! I have been started off on 30mg. I was so so so scared and sat there staring at the pills for hours before I actually took them. After encouragement (and a little abuse) from my sister and fiance I finally took them (after dinner btw). I woke up today feeling completely fine apart from pain in my joints and lower back. This pain remained constant all day and at this point I am not sure whether this is because of accutane or not. Apart from that I
  15. A little introduction about myself. I am a 28 year old female who has been struggling with constant mild and recently cystic acne for the last 10 years. The odd thing for me was that I got through school and most of my teen years with pretty good skin so having break outs during university and throughout my 20's came as a huge disappointment to me. In my early 20's, I put the acne cause down to stress of exams at university and then professional exams and always thought (and hoped) it would clea