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  1. Whole body baby. My chest just got scorched today. I had spf 55 on except for my chest which apparently I forgot to put there??? Well the rest of my body still got some sun with spf 55 on. p.s. I live in Hawaii
  2. SO... I go boating and to the beach a lot in the summer, which makes it hard to wear mineral makeup when I know that it's just going to get wet and melt off my face anyways. I'm still not comfortable just being out showing all my red marks (i'm all clear of acne-have just been dealing with these bastards for a couple of months). So my question is.. has anyone tried getting a spray tan to cover the marks... and did it work? thanks!
  3. I have to agree with the poster. I am so sick of everyone blaming all their problems on accutane... you knew what you were getting yourself into so why complain about it now? Side effects can be preventable just take care of your bodies you lazy people.
  4. Mcfly

    LOVE and HATE ;]

    LOVE: Aubrey Nicole, Physicians Formuls HATE: MaryKay, Bare Minerals DESPISE: Clinique, Estee Lauder.. etc.
  5. Mcfly

    Starting at 80mg?

    80 mg a day... almost done with 2nd month... No initial breakout.. No terrible side effects. Don't let anyone scare you... If you take care of yourself and moisterize A LOT and do everything else you need to do to prevent side effects.. you'll be fine... I mean you prob will experience some dry lips and all that but hey thats okay.
  6. I'm moving to Hawaii in may and I'll only be on month 3..... You'll be fine.. just don't be stupid about it and wear sunscreen.
  7. It took about 4 weeks for me to be clear of any active pimples... still dealing with the red marks though.
  8. Mcfly

    Shaving whitehead

    At first I thought this thread was going to be about how you were going to SAVE a piece of a whitehead that you popped out.. and I was like ewwwww.....It seems like it was just a spelling error though so... Disappointment ensues Anyway I have no answer to your question since I am a girl and I don't shave my face... However, I know that when I shave my legs I have to use moisturizing shaving cream or else my legs will get irritated white bumps on them.... so yeah.
  9. I've lost 15 pounds and i'm about a month and a half into it.... I think it is just because I am eating healthier set meals to take the pills with. I haven't experienced any joint pain so I excersize everyday.... I don't know it's weird... accutane has made me healthy.
  10. I'm almost done with my second month.. and i have not experienced ANY bad side effects. I mean lips are dry, but I would be concerned if they weren't... that is just a sign that the accutane is working. My lips have never been crusty though, they are just dry and smooth... so I think if you just take care of yourself you can avoid side effects altogether. I'm really proactive about it though... like I took fish oil and vit. E a month before I started... I also moisturized like crazy a month bef
  11. Mcfly

    Weight loss/cumulative dose?

    When I first started accutane I weighed about 150 lbs. and now I weigh about 135 lbs. halfway through my second month (trust me I am still healthy). My doctor says everything is fine but I am still going to take the same amount as when I started (80mg). I see this as a positive thing because I would rather take more than enough dosage for my body weight right now, rather than having to take a second course of accutane because I lowered my dosage.
  12. Mcfly

    Need the perfect moisturizer

    NO such thing. I have been trying to find that myself! however, my next venture is to see what this Purpose redness reducing moisturizer with spf 30 is all about...
  13. Mcfly

    AN lovers , some news =)

    SCORE! I am going to order a new kabuki.. even though I have the old one... You can never have too many kabukis
  14. Day 44 _________________ Wow Okay. Got back from Spring Break... Arizona= 100 degree weather! Got a sweet farmers tan (I was watching spring training baseball all week). If anyone else reads this.... ALWAYS WEAR SUNSCREEN ON ACCUTANE. I can't stress it enough. I wore spf 55 and still got tan. YOU CAN STILL CATCH RAYS EVEN IF YOU ARE WEARING SUNSCREEN! Ok now I am stepping off my soap box. Anyway.... I'm doing great. Red Marks clear up more and more every day. I feel like I have been sick for