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  2. i'm so glad someone posted this. just last night i was so frustrated because it's been 90 days for me and the DKR used to work wonders, but then all of a sudden nasty cyst-like acne returned and I wondered why. from reading this post i realised i forgot to use moisturizer! this morning my face looks ten million times better - the hard cyst-like acne has simmered down and you can't see it (I can still feel it though). i learned my lesson - will stick to regimen more strictly!
  3. immernoch

    newbie's stupid question

    aaah ok thank you so much (the wisdom of vets!) any good cleanser recommendations? I am using Biore Ice cleanswer - it's nice and refreshing but not very foamy and a bit too heavy for me.
  4. immernoch

    newbie's stupid question

    Hey, thanks so much for the tip. I live in Canada, and since then I've gone out and purchased PanOxyl (5% BP) and it's worked wonders so far. There is still a spot on my left cheek with stubborn pimples, but the rest of my face has dried up and cleared. I have a dermatologist formulated moisturizing cream which is probably the same as Cetaphil which most board members seem crazy about. I've looked through the board and it looks like I shouldn't be too optimistic about this being a long te
  5. immernoch

    newbie's stupid question

    HI I'm new and this is my first post! My stupid and simple question is: do you wash away the BP with water after application? Thanks so much for your time!