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  1. I have found that I sleep that way, too - to keep my face from making contact with my pillow! I think it actually causes some of my neck pain (the rest comes from bad posture and hunching over a computer...) It's great that you were able to figure out what was causing your localized acne. I have found that I sometimes breakout on my temples, and I think it's from my sunglasses or from holding the phone against my shoulder. All these little things! But it's great that sometimes it really is
  2. I just did the same thing - oops!! I have found that if I put emu oil (bought months ago after reading about it on here), let it dry a little and then put some Sudocrem (also read about it on here), I get very little scarring. I use Dan's regimen, so that means putting that stuff on after the BP and moisturizer. The area will dry up and flake off, but will do so without you needing to pull at the flake. Underneath it will be much lighter in colour, and will eventually fade away. (I'm 30 and
  3. I agree with Brandy that icing helps. I have found that if a pimple is sore and only showing a bit of a whitehead, this sometimes works: hold a warm compress to it, then a cold one, then hot again (I just use a face cloth with hot water, then cold, then hot). This lets the whitehead come to the surface, harden a bit, then be GENTLY squeezed out. You can tell if the squeezing is causing more harm than good if you're having to use more than a gently touch. I've found that this method can pre
  4. AHA is Alpha Hydroxy Acid. I have the kind that Dan recommends on here, and it sometimes works overnight as a spot treatment (no guarantees, but has actually made some big ones disappear!) I also have the Proactiv mask, which also sometimes works overnight on smaller pimples. I bought a Zeno zapper thing, and it works on large, under the skin pimples if you get to them AS SOON as you feel them. That's what has worked for me. But like we both know, nothing will work 100% of the time. Hope th
  5. They used to sell it at the Bay (in Canada) in the cosmetics department. I think some other department stores might carry it (Sears?)
  6. Hi Real Maverick. The red spot has been there for about four days. It doesn't really hurt, it's a little tender. It's raised and feels like it should be coming to a head, but I don't think it will. These take forever to go away and leave red marks that take a long time to fade. Thanks for the tips. It's quite dry where I live so I'm waiting until there is more humidity before using the pads again. I didn't buy the cream and didn't see it at the store today... Nice regimen images, by the
  7. I went on Accutane twice. The first time it worked well, and I stayed clear for about a year and a half. Second time I was clear for about three years. Now I'm trying DKR and taking supplements, we'll see how it goes. B vitamins, fish oils, ACV, going to guy some zinc...
  8. Thanks, Real Maverick. I'm trying to navigate all the posts to find people whose skin is similar to mine, there's just so much to read and I often get sidetracked! Can be on here for way too long. I'm trying to find out what some people think causes a pimple to never come to a head, but to just kind of seal up and remain as a raised red mark for a very long time. Right when I first saw it, I put BP on it, then some Sudocrem the next day, and I think I dried it up too much. Or, is this an al
  9. Hi Real Maverick. I really appreciate all the effort and time you put into these message boards! I've been using Dan's products for about a month and I like them. I also found Sudocrem at Walmart (I live in Canada, woohoo) and today I picked up the Clearasil pads. Just wondering something: I'm SO used to washing my face, was it hard to get used to just using the pads? Have you tried them after using a mild cleanser? I wear a little bit of makeup, and am not sure if the pads will take it of
  10. Hi, I live in Thunder Bay and I just found Sudocrem at Walmart today. (Posted this in another area, as well.)
  11. Not sure if this has been posted yet, but I live in medium-sized city in Ontario, Canada, and they had Sudocrem at the Walmart. I bought some today. Smallish tub, about $5... (Don't have it in front of me.)
  12. Born and raised in Toronto, university in Montreal, moved to Jasper, AB., now live in Thunder Bay, ON!
  13. I have had the same thing happen to me. I was pretty clear since the summer, then I broke out just after New Year's. I think it's because I was eating more sugar, dairy and wheat etc. over the holidays. I definitely feel there is a connection between food and acne.
  14. I have one of those on my jaw/cheek. I think it happened because I tried zapping it with Zeno, then putting salicylic acid and stuff on it. I dried up the outside, but there's still a bump under the skin that has been there for over a week. I've tried the hot cloth, nothing happens. The skin around it flaked off and left a red mark. It's weird, cause in a way it's better than having a big red zit, but I'm still worried that it's going to scar even if nothing comes out (cause it's a little r
  15. I turned 29 in October. Just joined here last week, went out and bought some emu oil for red marks. Lots of good info on this site, and such an active community! It's awesome. I've had acne since I was around 14, like lots of people it went away for a while through treatments like Accutane and the pill. I've been using Proactiv for years, it works for me. I went off birth control in July, nothing major happened until this past period when I got two major cystic zits and another smaller one