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  1. Does aloe vera moisturize? I've heard it does wonders and seems logical to use for facial redness but could I substitute this for my Cetaphil moisturizing lotion? Sorry for the hijack TS, if it makes you feel better mine is worse than yours and is on more areas of the face...
  2. aww i wanna cut pussie like that

    1. You look like Scarlett Johansson from Lost In Translation (good movie!) and Natilie Portman from V for Vendetta (another good movie!), in other words gorgeous! Au Revoir.

      1. Ok, as mean as this sounds you need to start thinking of the people who have it worse than you, in terms of acne or otherwise. I cannot believe it when people think they are fucking hideous when their acne is mild to nonexistant, seriously, have you seen other people on this site or in real life? When your acne is that mild you have other things to worry about.
      2. By the way, how much are the multivitamins from shops like that? Are they more or expensive or less?
      3. Well, have you got any recommendations? My mom bought it for me, so I wouldn't know.
      4. ^Hmm, interesting, I read the link in your sig and it seems very plausible. I'll give it a try soon, thanks for the help.
      5. I think this goes here...Anyway, I just need some quick answers, if you were taking a vitamin/multivitamin supplement (in my case Salmon oil and Centrum's mulitvitamin) would you take them in the morning or the evening just before bed? I'm asking this because my mom says that you need the vitamins when you sleep because your growing/resting/etc, but my dad takes them in the morning right after breakfast. So, I'm confused, does it really matter?
      6. Kanmi you seriously need to sit down and chill out a little bit. Everybody has their dog days, I've had mine and I've felt like dying and all that shit but do you know what I did? I thought about all those people who had it worse than me (like Jason Becker the guy that I told has ALS and all that, if you haven't already, read the damn story!), what I could do to better myself besides my acne/etc, but most important of all, I thought of everything that I would leave behind or miss out on by dyi
      7. Yeah this happened to me as well, hopefully my face clears up for good soon. As for my bacne I only get occasional zits but I think the Head and Shoulders trick really helps as I've been using it for one month or so and my back, arms, are looking much better.
      8. Hey Kanmi, are you sure your acne (err whatever problems you are having) merits surgery? Seriously, I know you have already heard me say this to you but YOU LOOK BEAUTIFUL! I don't believe you should do this, alas I can't stop you but please listen to me! Also, would you post a picture of your current state? See you space cowboy...
      9. ^OMG I LOVE YOU! You like Cowboy Bebop! I love that scene in your avatar!
      10. Tell me about it! As a musician/guitarist/LOVER of music, it is much more than music, trust me.
      11. Gackt, possibly others but he is the first that comes to mind right now...