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  1. I did exactly the same thing lol (20mg a day) and 6 months later my skin turned to shite again. I never actually finished my original 6 month course which is prolly why my skin retaliated, have just started again so fingers crossed it works! I think with low dose it tends to be a long drawn out process (at least 4 months of treatment) maybe even 6-8 months so the overall dose is high enough.
  2. Im taking 20mg a day. Second course of it.... The first time i took 20mg a day for around 3-4 months....skin was great for 6 months afterwards then turned to custard again. I just dont think i had taken enough accutane over the 3-4 months for it to be effective. Certainly cleared up my oiliness and blackheads REALLY well.
  3. Hmmm cant say i had that happen to me. Your skin could be adjusting to the accutane though. Is your skin as oily as it was before the accutane?
  4. Depending on how far into your accutane treatment you are, you would probably be okay to wax your upper lip....If you are any more than 3 weeks into the treatment i wouldnt recommend you do that. Hair removers can be a tricky thing...I personally dont like them :S theyre pretty much like shaving, except with more irritation. What you can try though is threading. Alot of ethnic people do it and it is great! Similar to waxing but no wax is used, just cotton thread. Safe to do whilst on accutane.
  5. I prefer shorter hair on guys. Long 'John Lennon' style hair on guys is so 70's lol. Slightly longer on top than the sides. Depends on the hair though. Try making a curly mop behave!!
  6. If you have a good quality shampoo, you can just add about 1/4 teaspoon of baking soda to it which has the same effect as a clarifying shampoo. Make sure you condition afterwards. I usually do this right before i colour my hair so i dont have any uneven patches. Goodluck
  7. Thank you for your comment. I hope you get the best out of your education to run your business. It def. helps...don't listen to that loser nac.

  8. Wowza you did 8 minutes? dang you are brave. I just do my tca peels until i 'frost' and if i dont frost after 2 mins then i still wash it off cos i cant handle the pain lol.
  9. Hrm the guys/girls who have had no action and have pics of themselves on their profiles seriously have nothing to worry about...... NONE of you are ugly in the slightest! It all comes down to confidence. If you are a nice person, and you talk to people, others WILL like you ok, so some shallow people may take abit longer to be won over if you have really severe acne but most of us normal people with normal expectations will be charmed from the offset. Just get out there guys n gals i woul
  10. Id go with flesh coloured thong. Just about anything goes with white! Victoria Beckham rocks out white jeans every now and then. She wears them with black i believe. http://queenoftheposhandbroke.blogspot.com.../in-norway.html Some pics of people wearing white jeans
  11. I bought mine online from lumiere cosmetics. Seriously AWESOME brushes. The best i have ever purchased reasonably priced too.
  12. I started using neutrogena cooling spray sunscreen. Its fantastic! you just spray it on (comes in an aerosol can) and you dont have to rub it in. So quick, and not too greasy Best of all its SPF 45
  13. Are you talking about the green gel thats similar to wax? as in you spread it on and then use wax strips to take it off?
  14. Ive done my research on these so called 'breast enhancement' pills. They contain small amounts of ingredients that can and have increased breast size in alot of women...the problem with them is that they have really small amounts of the active ingredients. From memory there are 3 herbs that work (saw palmetto, fenugreek and i cant remember the third). But these taken in the right amounts combined with a massage can actually work The below link is about the only reputable supplier i have come
  15. I laugh everytime I see your avatar, it's probably the best one on here lol