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  1. My acne is just how yours use to be...good luck!

  2. My triglys have been in the 300s and my cholesterol around 250 during tane and I'm fine
  3. Day 80 I am leaving Canada on April 1st (haha, April Fools Day.....not!) because I cannot for the life of me obtain this stupid work visa. So I'm going back to live with a friend and work! I hope this works out with my derm though......I've been on Accutane since the beginning of December, and I'll make a last appointment with her on like March 31st. Then I can probably get my last two months prescription. So that'll make me have been on Tane for December, January, February, March, April, May.
  4. Well if your face starts flaking I'd recommend Neutrogrena Comfort Cream. I used to use a lotion but then my face flaked a lot, I'm on a higher dose though.
  5. Day 74 Skin is doing pretty well. I was snowboarding at Whistler the other day, it was so nice and sunny, and the sun actually made my skin look pretty nice....haha probably because I'm vitamin D deficient during these cloudy winter seasons. No more excema thanks to using creams to moisturize! My skin is also no longer flaking and my lips aren't bad anymore thanks to large amounts of Aquaphor every night. I'm still alternating between 40 and 80 mg a day, so roughly 60 a day....I REALLY hope
  6. what dose are you on? make sure you moisturize a lot!!! and use something strong on your lips..
  7. Day 70 Skin is well. I'm mainly updating just because I'm a little sad! This guy who lived in the dorms last year with me died from a moped accident. I wasn't close to him or anything but it really makes you think. . . there is an article about his death in the Honolulu Advertiser online. His organs are helping to save at least ten people. Other than that, not much going on lately....going up to Whistler this weekend def.
  8. thanks for your comment! I duno what you are using to moisturize your face, but if your face is dry now and you're using a lotion, switch to a cream! It made a WORLD of difference for me. Don't worry about the 80 mg too much though, I'm about 115 lbs/52 kilograms and I'm fine. If you don't have Aquaphor you might want to invest in some though! Oh also, I've drank a few times on Accutane.......just don't over do it. If you're concerned about your liver health there are natural supplements cal
  9. day 68 Happy Valentine's Day, everyone!!! My valentine is all the way in Australia but my parents got me stuff too! Haha. My skin is SO much less dry now that I started using creams instead of lotions. I got the Neutrogena Comfort Creme for my face. For my body, I'm using George's Dry Skin Cream. It's made by some dermatologist in Alberta. The skin is okay. I had a few slightly inflamed zits; I don't know if it's because my skin is still purging or because of the creams. Luckily they went a
  10. I used to get yeast infections all the time while on antibiotics....bleh!!!! I'd say go for the pill, Ortho Tri Cyclen helped me a LOT, or if your acne is bad enough, maybe Accutane.
  11. I'm considering going to James Cook for a semester maybe next year....any other areas you recommend? :)

  12. So lately I've been looking up different countries to study abroad in during my junior year; I'm interested in mainly New Zealand and Australia. It just so happens that my boyfriend is studying abroad in Australia now, a completely different region of the country...but my friends are still giving me shit for it! They are like " And him being there has nothing to do with your interest?" It's just pissing me off a lot because a) I truly am interested in the area and b) he will be long gone from Au
  13. HAHA lmao good thing I just went back and checked that........yea I definitely stick Accutane up my nose. hahahaahha. Yes I meant Aquaphor.