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  1. My dermatologist put me on Amoxicillin to treat my acne (cystic) and I can't believe how it has cleared me up. I have struggled with face/back/chest acne for 7 years and have tried every med out there, but the Amoxicillin is finally clearing me up. Has anyone else had any luck with Amoxicillin?
  2. I've struggled with back and chest acne for over five years and the solution for myself was to find the correct body wash. I've always used bar soap, I've tried many different brands of bar soap and now that I've switched over to liquid body wash I've seen incredible improvements. I still experience some occasional breakouts but my back and chest are the best they've been in a very long time. I know that sounds like too simple of a solution but it seems to have worked for me,...for the time b
  3. I also have yellow undertones and Zhen was a good color match for my skin. They have a small collection of colors so I had to buy two different colors and mix them. But I don't recommend Zhen if you have real oily skin. I used their Matte foundation, oil-free and I was not happy with it. By early afternoon I felt very greasy and my make up looked like it was running off my face. I've been using Laura Mercier foundation now for about 5 days and have been very satisfied with it. I use th
  4. theresasix, Well, keep us posted on how the Laura Mercier make up is working for you. I hope to get out this weekend to get some myself. I can't imagine finding a foundation to match my yellow skin tone! I'm crossing my fingers!!
  5. I am asian also, I am struggling with cystic acne and it has been so frustrating to find a foundation to match my skin tone with enough coverage and that controls oil. I don't have any suggestions but here are some of my experiences....I am currently using Perscriptives oil free, but am continuing to search for something to better match my skin tone. I've used Zhen's oil free foundation,...this has probably been the best color match for my skin color but it does not last all day. Bobbi Brown'