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  1. It happened to me and I think my derm said it was dermatitis of some variation. Anyways he gave me this clobex spray and after awhile the rash goes away and i can still apply the tazorac. It generally occurs when I start tazorac up againt after awhile.
  2. Anyone else used any of the other products? Come on people im SURE someone has used some of these products
  3. Ugh, Do not generalize why everyone else thinks. You are NOT EVERYONE.
  4. i hear only but good things about b5 should i get my hopes up even slightly?
  5. Sry, I dont recal the guy's name who gave me the aloe vera gel idea
  6. So okay people Heres the regimen that i've been using Morning CLenia Foaming Wash Moisturize with Cetaphil Throughout the Day Take Primrose Oil and Omega-3 Drink Xtra Green Tea for that extra antioxidant power Night Take a MultiVitamin Use Delna's egg/lemon mask (every 2-3 days) ^---- No plagarism by me! Wash with Purpose Soap Moisturize with Cetaphil Erthyromicn Pads Tazorac overnight stuff I try to space it out so that after i take a shower i dont immediately apply the tazorac because
  7. I went back to putting acv topical, but at 1:1 or even less potent ratio. That's where the oil reduction primarily came from. I can't fully say what percentage the internal acv has helped, because I also take the veggie pills. But doing all three, I can say within a week's time, it slowly goes down, much like a chart on the stock market, some days up some down, but progressively downward, if you know what I mean. So it's not a straight downward slope. But I put it at night, after everything,
  8. I'm on taz right now :( and i think i had fairly decent results with it. Did you have to take a clenia foaming wash to? Because i had to take that, tazorac, and erthyromic in a pad form.
  9. i'll have to agree with them on this one, people have this strange notion that researchers should spend months maybe years of there lifes to cure a disease and then all the money and time they put into something goes wasted, because people want us to be kind and sell them the cure for no profit (still cost to make). If you really wanted a cure for acne u'd work for it because they worked to research it. As for this article it gets my hopes up even tho i know this is a faint option at best. But
  10. Think of it like this, you have just discovered the cure to something that almost everyone would by. How much money you would make would be insane, and if the government wanted to stop you what could you do? Tell the press, leak the word out it happens so easily. And its the people that run the government so if 90 percent of the population finds out we've been screwing them over, think about it.
  11. i really dont understand all this bush bashing. Somehow i dont understand how the average american seems to think they know about politics and how to run a country then a somehow who has built their life around it. Part of running a country relies upon beliefs, because it's funny that at the beginning the war everyone was for it. But somehow that has changed. Anyways Lay off the bush bashing please i do not see the point, serves no purpose whatsoever and it doesnt make you any more right