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  1. Hi my doc suggested that i try non ablative laser to treat acne...she says it will reduce sebum, and also treat acne scars... just checking if anyone has tried it successfully? how many sessions do u need? how long does it take to see the effect? It's very expensive, so hesitating... Thanks!
  2. Hi my face cleared up after using bp abt 2 years ago..however, recently i noticed a redness and irritation in my eyes whenever i used bp near the eye area. When i stopped applying for a day or two, the redness stops, so i can't help thinking that there is a link between the two. My doctor suggested the Asian skin is less tolerant of bp hence the eye irritation... just wanted to check if anyone has similar experience? how did u manage to overcome it? i really liked bp as it's really effectiv
  3. Dear CVS Please carry Dan's Clear Skin Regimen Gel! it's a great product and you will find many new and loyal customers! If you also have overseas delivery, that will be great too. Thank you!
  4. i am using the Eucerin Skin Renewal Day Lotion recommended by this website.. it contains aha...
  5. Hi I have 2 unused tubes of BP gel that I'd like to sell, S$16 per tube. i can't use BP now as i am expecting.... Interested Singaporean buyers, pls pm me. Thanks! cheers itsukii
  6. abt 10 days.. u can drink the acv (mixed with honey) and apply topically. i've got weak stomach, so i din drink it. for a start, i applied diluted acv to the red marks, and much later, i used it undiluted. pls read the scar forum for more details. i did not use on active acne though... btw, i also used moisturiser...i.e. i followed the regimen religiously
  7. i've just ordered new supplies... hmm...i also received orders fr frens and colleagues, maybe i shd start a central singapore buying thingy, and the cost will be much lower... i'm female...yap, only used cleanser and bp, and later added apple cider vinegar. not sure abt effect of mask..sorry.
  8. Hi Daphn3 i still have some marks but they are fading..anyway, i am very happy already, 'cos it's a far cry from the previous awful cysts and pimples... Don't get discouraged...i've been thru what you are feeling right now. Since i can get rid of my acne, I'm very confident u will experience dramatic clearing too. but u must be patient.. i was overjoyed when recently colleagues actually complimented me on my skin... so don't give up!! btw, i very shy...so cannot show u my photo.. hee
  9. Hi Daphn3 OTS works too. in fact i got clear using it. the gel was not ready then. In comparison, the gel is certainly better than OTS cream. the gel spreads easily, gets absorbed faster and feels cool on the skin. best of all, it's not as drying and it does not leave white residue on the skin. when i was using ots previously, white residue will show up when i perspire, or if water is in contact with ur skin, say while rinsing mouth. haven't tried the prodt Panoxyl before though... ch
  10. Hi so far I had no bad experience fortunately.. actually i just ordered 3 today... if you are keen, u can pm me, i can check with Dan if he can add to my order. my skin used to be ok and i only started having acne suddenly last yr.. went national skin centre but to no avail. but the bp helped me immensely... now i am pretty clear, except for the red marks, but can see that they are disappearing too after using the vinegar method. cheers
  11. Hi LittleEyee I'm fr Singapore too. the shipping costs depend on the no of tubes u buy. i bought 2 tubes...so total cost including shipping works out to USD 27.50. based on the exchange rate then (more favourable vs. now), this works out to be S$23.30 per tube. it is much much cheaper than Neutrogena..if you compare on a per Oz basis, the BP gel is S$5.8 while Neutrogena is abt S$13.3 (think watsons selling abt S$10 for a 0.75 Oz tube) definitely worth buying! (takes only abt 7 days to reach
  12. I think it's a great idea to be able to order both together... there's no Eucerin Renewal in my country too, so i can save on the shipping costs if Dan sells it on acnesupplies.com.
  13. for my case, the blackhead on my nose disappeared when i started the regimen... faster than the pimples and whiteheads...
  14. Hi Proxy i had 2 brown spots on my cheek, quite near the eyes. the spot turned black after the spray and the scab took abt one wk to fall off. the awful part abt this treatment was that one week...have to brave the stares of others 'cos the scab is really ugly looking. cheers ituskii
  15. I've just got mine yesterday ! that's like 7 days after my order was shipped, much faster than I expected! and i really like the packaging, not only was it environment friendly, but its compact size enabled it to be deposited into my letterbox directly. saved me the trouble of collecting it from the post office. =D> the gel is great!...think my comments are the same as those shared by other users... huge size, easy to apply, invisible and no white lumps! also unlike the cream versio