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  1. can i continue with accutane if i have an ulcer?
  2. actually the bigger size cetaphil cleanser does have a pump nowadays.
  3. well im on my second course right now and am on 40 mg a day. On my first course, my oil only went away at 80 mg a day nothing less.
  4. does anyone else not have their oil dissapear on accutane?
  5. the redness may be caused by dryness of your skin. apply moisturizer everytime u wash ur face.
  6. hey prettybow, how hard is it to get in that program? whats the requirements?
  7. if your not too young to have acne then your not too young for accutane. And it especially matters a lot at a younger age when a child is building their self esteem.
  8. its the retina micro that causes the oil and it wont go away. if u cant stand the oil (like me) go on accutane instead.
  9. hey fight acne, what type of acne did u have before the accutane? when you say low dose, what was ur dosing per day? lastly, did u have an oil problem and if so when did that go away?
  10. Now, I know he is going to say "accutane". Want to know my response? "NO" yes, shame on him for trying to clear your skin.
  11. u actually have ur doctor writing u precriptions for long term low dose treatment? im on accutane but instead of taking the 80 mg a day i only take twenty and for a longer period of time.
  12. booker, how long to see real lasting results with low dose?