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    To say I was skeptical of this is undermining how I really felt. I was just having a bad breakout week as well as a rash from a medication and was desperate and nothing else was working so I stumbled across this and thought, whatever why not? Rubbed a banana peel on the spots for a minute, then let it dry and went to sleep. (others did this three times a day, but I only had time to do it at night so I only did it once a day) Woke up a significantly less red face and shrunken pimples. I continued
  2. Hey there! Delayed sorry, havent been on this site in ages, but I stopped the "real" caveman regimen long ago. I think it's a great thing for a couple days or week to give your skin a nice healthy break. I just now use face masks a couple times a week and my skin has cleared up quite a bit. A huge thing I noticed that helped was to not look at my skin and not care about it (easier said than done I know) but once I accepted my skin and just let it be, it really started to clear up. Caveman can ki
  3. Serena95

    Absolutely not

    Absolutely not

    I used ONE drop yesterday all over my face and in the morning I woke up with so many tiny bumps and a few large bumps. My face has been significantly clearing up in the last month and I was just hoping to use this to shrink my pores a bit and all my progress has pretty much gone down the drain because of this so definitely DONT recommend this for sensitive skin. Find a better oil. I recommend rosehip oil for spot treating pimples.
  4. Had better days, but it's okay. I've just been doing water only every few days or sometimes every day, depending on how I feel like it. I was doing really well and then things took a turn for the worse with so much stress and honestly my skin looks worse than it ever has. I don't know what to do, I'm not sure if my acne is fungal or if it's something else and it's so incredibly frustrating, I want to cry. I saw my sister and she literally said "what's going on? I've never seen you with acne on y
  5. Okay just want to come back on here real quickly and say that I put a drop of moisturizer on because those random discoloration or patches or whatever they hell they were were scaring me so I acted on whim. A little annoyed I put moisturizer on my face (havent since may) but idk, whether it'll work or not, we'll see. (or whether it'll ruin my progress, we'll see that too). Im starting to get so frustrated with my skin, I just hate seeing old pics of me with perfect skin at the beginning of this
  6. Day 46 Okay so I think things are going back up, slowly, but better. My L side of my face seems to break out less often and it's starting to become (AT THE RISK OF JINXING MYSELF) more smooth. My right side, which had a pretty bad breakout (the biggest one since I started this whole thing) around the 4th of july, is starting to become more calm. My forehead goes through phases, but I'm trying to remember what it was like a month ago and if I'm not mistaken, I truly do think the bumps were bigge
  7. Aw thanks so much for all the kind words! You're also completely right, I would regret it if I started changing up my routine now. That's exactly why I said I dont really have anything else to do besides this because I don't want to become dependent on any chemical, pill, etc. Maybe the best thing is just to let the natural process do its thing. It's hard when I'm around people constantly so I can't hide out somewhere for weeks or something and let my face go through this whole healing thing bu
  8. Hey PositivePositivePositive! Great to hear from you again! how's everything going with the caveman regimen for you? Yes, I agree I've been trying to exercise more. I'm just personally torn between using water or not because I'm not sure what will work and it takes months to show even some results so everytime I try something a little bit different and it doesn't work, it just feels like Ive wasted another month. I've had this issue since Feb It's also the fact that I caused myself this issue
  9. Good luck with all your diet changes, I'm glad it's working for you!! For me, personally, I've eaten however I wanted my entire life (as a vegetarian) and have always had clear skin. I just washed my face a couple months ago and regretted the day I ever picked up all those face washes and moisturizers. I still have a bunch of clogged pores. I incorporated more water on my face and I guess we'll see how it goes. I think the worst part is not knowing what's working and what is and every experimen
  10. Day 38 Well not quite 2 weeks later, but here we go. I honestly don't know how its going, I've been putting water on my face in hopes that it would help but I'm pretty sure it's made it worse. I'm gonna try sticking to extreme caveman with no water. I might get flaky skin but oh well. I just don't know how this going to be honest, I think I'm just mostly disappointed that it hasn't really done much. Then again, I've only done this for a month but it just seemed like it worked faster for other
  11. Day 29 (gross details, I know excuse me but I'm just tryna keep it real.) -Forehead: still congested but not nearly as much as it used to be, and though there are still clogged pores, quite a few of them have gotten smaller and less noticible. Was looking in the mirror really wishing they'd go away, but a month ago they were worse. So progress. -Neck: Never gotten pimples on my neck, it's the weirdest thing. I had a HUGE one like a month and a half ago and it left a crazy scar, and I just fo
  12. Hi rachel! Salt water (ie when you swam in the ocean) is apparently really nice for clearing up acne and exfoliating so maybe that's what helped tooo! But either way, your story is encouraging me (if you wanna read my story, you can go to my forum, if not, not a big deal lol) to keep going! I'm almost at the one month mark and I've seen slight improvement but idk, so I'm gonna keep going till month 2. Quick question, did you ever have clogged pores? Like tiny bumps only visible in natural light?
  13. Day 28 My right side (after I had to wear makeup) seems like the clogged pores I had have spread (could be due to stress). I used to just have them on a small part of my cheek and forehead and now its like on my cheekbone and spread further out ugh. My left side seems to have clear up a little bit but I feel like its hard to tell. I seemed to have jinxed my face lol so I'm just not gonna say anything has really "cleared." I am seeing a lot more dead skin flakes though and that's because I hav
  14. Day 26 Okay so finally some good news I think! (fingers crossed I don't jinx myself) Not a huge wow I suddenly have clear skin again moment, but I've found this entire week I'll get a new pimple every day/every other day and that sounds terrible but I think it's a good thing. They come to the surface, flake off within a couple days and the area is clear after. Albeit I definitely have some light acne scarring for the first time in my life but hey ho. I washed my hands and felt the texture of m
  15. Day 21 Still congestion on forehead, and both cheeks, this week has been a pretty slow week for progress. Suddenly got a few more "active" spots and a few new tiny clogged pores or tiny pimples randomly in the last couple days. Weird. mMght be stress cause I'm back in school and got a test coming up and its also almost that time of month. Not sure. I'veeen drinking lots more water. Ugh I've felt like giving up but at this point, what do I even give up with? Lol just need to remind myself tha