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  1. p acnes will never become immune to BP, because the p acnes is anaerobic, and the BP creates Oxygen, which kills it
  2. Benzaclin is a topical thats prescribed to some people (I've used it before)...it combines clindamycin with 5%benzoyl peroxide
  3. look for acidophilus tablets in your health food/grocery store..Its a intestinal bacteria (friendly) thats supposed to help out greatly...I also read in an article that a lot of times, people with very oily skin are severly laking in this probiotic because it can be destroyed so easily..and without it, your intestine can't properly process lipids (which tend to build up on the skin) http://www.cure-guide.com/Articles_on_Natu.../Acne/acne.html
  4. I found this article today while searching the benefits of fish oils, and it has some very good advice about that and many other things as well.... http://www.cure-guide.com/Articles_on_Natu.../Acne/acne.html
  5. any updates on your regimen? i just bought the ultra stuff today
  6. its very expensive....$60 for 20 days worth of pills? thats insane....it does sound promising though
  7. I've been trying it for awhile, and yes its very hard to keep, but to be honest, it really wasn't worth it for me. After doing this diet, its quite obvious that what I have is hormonal. I still got acne, and as much as I did when I didn't eat as healthy.
  8. 2SG I really havent seen much difference at all in the oil on my nose, which is always really oily, but can easily be taken care of with a dab of a tissue...the only other place on my face thats remotely oily is my forehead, and I have seen a bit of a reduction, which is good.... on another note, that website that you posted, www.pantethine.info there was an interesting stat on your website that was quite interesting and may explain why in some cases pantethine works better than pantotheni
  9. hows the pantethine coming 2SG? I should be getting my Swansons order in the mail today.....are you taking 3 per day?