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  1. Hmmm, Mercola has this to say about NAC: "I would caution diabetics not to use it routinely however, unless all their mercury is removed from someone who is experienced with mercury detoxification. If mercury is still present in a person's system NAC will bind to it and carry it to the brain, thus worsening brain function. NAC can be used for a mercury removal program, but only late in the program, not early on. This is from Dr. Klinghardt's extensive clincial experience in mercury removal. He
  2. Tim12, thank you for the NAC info! I think I know the author you're talking about -- I have a book called the UltraMind Solution -- I think it's the same guy. He's really into methylation and stuff, pretty brilliant. I'll have to see if he talks about NAC in the book I have. I remember my doctor also saying something about how iodine deficiency can contribute to heavy metal toxicity... like if you have enough iodine in your body, the toxic metals won't have as many places to go, if that make
  3. I LOVE the beachbody workouts! I haven't tried Insanity but I'm a month into P90X right now and love the way I feel. My husband did the whole thing before our wedding (and achieved awesome results). I remember watching him and thinking there was no way I would be able to handle a workout like that, but I decided to take the plunge and try it with him when he started round 2 and I'm SO happy I did. I totally agree that cardio is very good for acne. When I just lift weights I notice that I
  4. Are you taking a probiotic? In your sig it says you're on antibiotics -- if that's the case, you should DEFINITELY be taking a probiotic. You could definitely be dealing with an imbalance in your intestinal flora, which could contribute to what you're experiencing. I would run to your nearest Whole Foods and pick up some bio-K or Natren Healthy Trinity and take it for a few days and see how you feel. Hope this helps!!
  5. I may not be technically correct in using the term "free" (I don't mean bound vs. unbound) -- what I meant was mercury in the blood as opposed to mercury that's being stored in fat. I'm wondering if things like DMPS will pull metals out of ANY tissue in the body or if they can only grab what's floating around in the blood. It was my understanding that chlorella and cilantro can reduce serum levels but aren't necessarily chelating stuff that's stored more deeply in our fatty tissues. That is r
  6. No one here should be ridiculing anyone else's approach to healing, period. Different strokes for different folks.
  7. Not sure if this will be of any help to anyone but here are the things which helped me to FINALLY eliminate my very persistent cystic jawline/lower-cheek acne: 1. Addressing a severe hormonal imbalance. I now take bioidentical progesterone every single day and have been doing so for about three years. I was severely estrogen dominant and progesterone deficient. According to one of my docs, once your body stops making adequate amounts of progesterone, it can be VERY difficult to get it to sta
  8. I have to run out and do some errands in a few but I wanted to respond quickly (and thanks for all of this great info which I will happily read through later today). About the magnesium -- I've read/heard that oral Mg isn't well absorbed in high doses because of the laxative effect, so if someone is severely deficient, oral supplementation can be inadequate. Also, according to some of the leading Lyme/borrelia experts, oral magnesium actually feeds the Lyme spirochetes and should be avoi
  9. Oh yes, I DEFINITELY have some gut "issues," and have for a very long time. I use transdermal magnesium because I have found that I MUST stay away from glutenous grains (as well as oats, amaranth, buckwheat, and a few others). I think I have malabsorption issues probably resulting from 20 years of the Standard American Diet plus various toxic exposures. I don't do well with dairy, either. We juice green veggies (no fruits!) a few times a week and I've found that it really helps me physic
  10. Hey, Thank you for the kind words. As far as the Vitamin D dosing thing goes, I actually grew up in Philadelphia and then lived in NYC for 8 years so I spent the first 22 years of my life in the cold, grey northeast. I do feel a lot healthier living here in Cali (though I miss the east coast like crazy!). The first time I had my Vit D levels checked the result was something abysmal like 28 or 32 or something, I don't remember exactly. My doc had me start at 5000 IU a day but after a fe
  11. Hey guys, So long story short, my acne has basically been under control for a while now but I have messed up skin texture and some scarring and red marks in some places (my stupid left cheek specifically) due to all the years of breakout trauma. I recently decided to cautiously re-explore the world of topical prescription meds in the hopes that I could find something that would help to resurface/repair my skin now that it's no longer actively breaking out. Naturally retinoids seemed like an a
  12. Thanks guys! So I skipped a night last night because my face was looking kind of pink and pretty dry and peely and my skin felt rough. (That makes four nights of use so far, and one night off -- five days total since I started). I woke up this morning still with the roughness/dryness but with the redness much improved. During my shower I exfoliated like crazy with aspirin and it felt AMAAAZING. I actually could feel the dead skin peeling off. Gross and awesome at the same time. After I go
  13. UPDATE: Okay I'm just going to go ahead and post my progress here, for my own reference and hopefully to help other people too. I've used it for three days and for the first two days I felt like my skin was SLIGHTLY pink and irritated but with no drastic or noticeable changes. Today I woke up and I think I can actually discern some improvement in my skin since yesterday. I didn't need as much concealer when I did my makeup this morning which basically means I'm not quite as pink/red around m
  14. Hi all, I mainly used to post over in the holistic section. I've been pretty much clear for a year or two now, mostly thanks to dietary changes (no more gluten, less dairy) and progesterone pills which have helped to correct a pretty severe hormonal imbalance. Anyway I've finally decided to take the plunge and try a retinoid because although I no longer break out substantially (I get a couple of zits a month around my period but they resolve quickly), I still have a ton of red marks and my po
  15. This is really interesting. I was wondering about this recently too. Let us know how it goes. I think it makes sense.