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  1. for me. i have been using the regimen for over 3months and currently, i have no breakout! umm. the first few weeks was very drying for my skin. i have to search for a mositureizer that helps to keep my skin smooth.. it took me around a few more weeks to clear completely.. however i did get pimples from time to time.. roughtly around a month or so.. u'll see no breakout! that whats happened to me =P
  2. Should we intake B-complex daily to balance our B5.. since we take 5g+? another question.. what is the difference between D'Pantothenic Acid (Calcium D'Pantothenic), B5, and Pantothenic Acid? sorry.. thanks!
  3. Does it work better than Vit E moisturizer? does it clog ur pores instead of healing scars? well.. i got this from other forums:
  4. Hey.. im on the regimen rite now.. and its working pretty well. However.. i still tends to have acne.. so im plannin to take vitamins to see if it helps i know B5, E, C and Zinc helps but how much (g) shoud i take for each? well B5 works best in 10g how about vitamin C Vitamin E and Zinc? thank you and when should i take them? before sleep? with meal?
  5. it happens to me as well i use neutrogena muilti-vit.. and it made my skin looks orange-ish - redish colour... lol.. =S dunno if it is suppose to do dat
  6. i use spectro gel myself... and i must say, its a very gentel cleanser =D> .. as for oxy 5... i think its a little too drying.. well maybe i brought the 5% bp, not sure if it is better for the 2.5%.
  7. on my second tude already... lolz. i have been on the regimen for roughly around a week... >> and my skin is EXTREMELY dry.. but no new zip's commin up.. I'm planning to cut down on the bp im using due to dry skin im experiencing... water helps for mee.. it helps me reduce the drynesss =D
  8. btw... i was reading some of the posts... they say that taking b5 alone actually causes alot of side effects... so which vitamin should i take? Bside from Vit E... and instead of B5, should i take B-complex? or both? i couldnt find b5 alone tho.. is b-complex just as gd? thanks~
  9. THANk youu>!! i was taking Vit E.. but couldnt find Vit b5.. uMm o.O so Oxy is actually a product that doesnt work! darn.. and i though that BP wasnt working for me becuz im actually using a higher concentration.. and its not drying up my acne.. but my skin [-( [-( hehe! UMM is it becuz i just use it 'on the spot' instead of applying a large amount over myface as said in the regimen? how much should i be using now since i have exposed to BP? the starting amount... or more? thank yo
  10. woops. sorry... yes>> SA and BP so cut down on the milk... kk thanks>> i was also wondering... i uses BP on a daily basis... >> Oxy cover up 5% and it has also lost its effectiveness... is it possiblely becuz i used it too often? (now i just use it as coverups more...) should i switch to a stronger? weaker? one?
  11. Hello, i came across this forum while searching for advises to clear up acne, i read alot of the posts here... and it helps alot. thanks! However, i do have some questions in mind... I usually breakouts when i am going through my period.. or lack of sleep.. and they grow on my forehead and chin.. =( eer. i tried using AS and PB.. and they dont seem to help clear up much.. usually i had to wait until they die itself... i was wondering which product / medicinal ingredient could i try? i have aw