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  1. dan definitly only had mild acne. also whos to know that 10 years ago, that it wasnt just his body changing and him "growing" out of acne or actually his regime. treating the problem externally will never solve the problem. acne is an internal cause and 99% hormonal. if it was external and caused by dirt, then all builders, miners, gardeners would all have acne right?
  2. oh yeah and the tuna i eat has 130mg (thats 0.130 grams) of sodium per 100gram of tuna. you will get more sodium with your 1 peice of french fry from mcdonalds. like ronnie coleman says "theres nothing to it, but to do it"
  3. and what are your "dietary ways" of reducing acne? how to acheive 1:1 in a western style diet? well deeeer. take the supplements. how is eating fish going to give u cardiovascular problems?? the only problems you are going to get is by eating deep fried fish and chips or mcdonalds fillet o fish... if you know how to cook fish the healthy way, then there are no problems with eating it 7 times a week. . p.s japan has the highest life expectancy... no medals for guessing why...
  4. Acne and fish oil Omega 3 fatty acids found in fish oil could help in the treatment of acne by alleviating some of the inflammation associated with acne, and by inhibiting the processes that lead to overproduction of sebum. If too much sebum is produced, pores can become blocked leading to a build up of bacteria, infection, and finally to a breakout of acne. EPA or Eicosapentaenoic acid, is an essential Omega 3 fatty acid that can help increase the level of anti-inflammatory Prostaglandins. P
  5. i was on accutane for 3 times over a period of 10 years. up untill 2 weeks ago my acne was coming back, then i used Omega3 fish oil. google it up and read up on it. cheers
  6. hey johnny. i have now also discovered omega3 fish oil. google it and find out the benifits of it. i would rate propecia like a 7/10 for improving my acne, but fish oil i would rate a 9/10 ... it absolutely awesome.
  7. yes sex/masterbation does effect acne. its not a myth to make kids stop wanking.
  8. Ok guys, i was watching a documentary on Omega-3 fish oil... i think it was called "can fish oil make your child smarter" it advocated fish oil, made brain grown bigger (as brain was 30% made up of same fat as fish oil), decreased depression, thinning of the blood, less chance of stroke etc etc... so i started to take it... i am now only on my 2nd week, and to my suprise the biggest change has been my acne outbreaks. My skin has improved at least 100%. Before i started taking fish oil I didn
  9. Hi guys.... Just let you know what has worked for me over the last few years... I have been taking 1mg proscar (or propecia) a day. This is normally use to treat Male Pattern Baldness.... added benifit is it helps fight acne by controlling testosterone. Its not well know, but i learnt this though a chemist/pharmacist friend of mine. I also talked to a doctor about it and he also knew of it being able to cure acne. Anyway i suggest u guys to reseach it yourself. p.s not for teenagers as it