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  1. I was walking through a group of girls at uni, and one of them said "4 out of 10"...and then another said something like "pity about the face". It really cut me up, I was despondant afterwards. Thankfully, I have been cured by accutane and have a beautiful girlfriend now.
  2. I know what you mean Tiramusu. I had a serious scare 2 months ago when it looked like I had hip cancer. I became seriously sick, couldnt walk and it seemed cancer was the only logical explaination. I knew it was serious when my dad didnt want to look at me and sent me to another GP. I had blood tests and a joint arthoscropy which is when they stick a massive needle into you hip joint to get fluid to sample. I had consigned myself to having cancer once my complexion turned almost pale yellow an
  3. i dont know where i am at. i think its called depressed. im 19, pretty smart; studying law, come from a reasonably well off family, was given a nice first car. i know alot people at uni, including girls. i was even voted beau of the law ball so i must be alright looking. but thats the thing, its nothing to do with looks, or intelligence, its all to do with mind set. i have NO self confidence despite having characterstics some people may envy. i thought having perfect skin would improve me as a
  4. i wrote this poem for him. its not perfect but it conveys my feelings. -------------------------- My dog Scamper. Ever since I first saw you as a puppy, i knew we were going to be buddies. Since that faithful day you have overseen my transition from child to man. Words will never begin to describe the amount of love I hold for you. Scamper, you were the only thing that stayed constant throughout the hardest years. A rock I could lean on to fight back the tears. You were the light
  5. jay, that is story is exactly the same as mine!! i sit and listen to similar music, thinking about past times and the fun other people are having. alot of my friends havent seen me for ages even tho my acne has been cured by accutane. its soo pathetic because i have nothing holding me back, only my head.
  6. one of my friends thought that he would 'catch' acne from me. i cannot believe how little people know about it.
  7. he had cancer all through his body. we could do nothing, the vet said it was a miracle he survived soo long. ive got to be honest, if i had a choice, i'd probly like to put myself down. ive got soo much to lose but i would lose it all to spend the rest of time with him.
  8. thankyou soo much everyone. your words are of great comfort. could everyone go and tell their pets that they love them, for me. you can never say it often enough.
  9. hey all, i dont post here often. i have been cured by accutane (touch wood) but i am soo aware of what acne does to people. i am still feeling the effects and i dont think i will ever be the same socially. im posting here because my beloved dog scamper was put down yesterday. i am absolutley shattered, he was my only companion while i had acne. he would sit with me on the couch on lonely friday nights watching tv. he made everything seem alright, he loved me for me. i told him i loved him man
  10. okay, you have got the whole girl thing wrong. i am an 18year old guy who had mild acne, which has been cured by accutane. even when i had acne, girls still talked to me. talking does not mean that want to go out with u, or get with u. they are just being socialable and friendly. and even if they dont want to get with u, it doesnt mean u are unattrative. i find the best way to get girls is to be abit standoff-ish. dont come and be all look desperate and pathetic. most girls dont like that, t
  11. tai, i no exaclty were ure coming from. but i do no that most girls like a man to be confident and sure of himself (not arrogant mind). so try and (this will sound bad) act like u get with really hot girls....dont brag or anything like that....but just come across quitely assured of yourself ie not even considering acne. this gets girls curious and kinda impressed. btw i didnt want to sound like i no everything bout girls cause really im the last person who should be giving advice about fembots.
  12. thanx so much..all of u. btw im 18 and iam starting med in a month (i hate wat the business world has done to my dad..and resultantly me ). i plan on becoming a derm so i can help others with acne because i know oh so well how it feels to have spots on ure face but the more damage phychological effects that no1 sees from the outside. btw, gave my car away to my sister cause i dont need the bother it causes me. i want a normal first car but more importantly a normal life...something ive n
  13. hey, my acne is very similar aswell. ive just turned 18..and im fed up with all the creams, so i just started accutane. well, three weeks through and its looking good- clearing really well...alot of people are commenting already (which is kind of embarasing...but true). altho there has been a bit of dryness/redness but no breakout yet (touch wood), maybe with less severe acne accutane does not have such pronounced effects?
  14. hey all, i guess im here because like all of u at some stage im struggling with acne. i have what i would class moderate acne but my derm said was mild...i have just started a course of roaccutane. i think i differ from alot of u because my acne does not inhibit my life much at all - or a least what other people see of me. but deep down and when i get home i look in the mirror and almost start crying. the reason why i hate acne is not what it does to me...rather it affects the way i trea