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  1. I have recived a mail from acne.org costumer's service center. I described my skin condition to her and she replied. The following of the mail is how to treat my skin. "I can understand why you might think this is an allergic reaction but please rest assured that allergy to benzoyl peroxide or the Acne.org Treatment is statistically almost zero. She told me to stop using the treatment( but keep the cleanser and moistr) and wait for the skin to calm. After that slowly the r
  2. My skin are drying out in a weird way? I read in this website, it said that benxylP would cause my skin to dry out. But i only apply BP twice this week ( the last time was on monday and thurdays night, the other days i only use the moisturizer and the cleanser ) . My cheeks are still red even when i didnt apply any of the BP near that area. It still itchy Sometimes in the dry areas i can feel a little wet, i dont know how to describe it in english but it like the fluid when you
  3. Should I continute using the acne.org regimen ?
  4. I do have sinus problem! Quite occationally, it hurt when i get sick but when Im in strong state, it doesnt And I also have some dandruff ( not so much, still bearable but also noticeable) and ... My mom, she has some kind of nail fungus. I have never taken accutane but i do take antibiotics when i got seriously sick ( i try to use it as least as possible ).
  5. Even when Im using the diffrence amout ( just enough to have a thin layer on my face ) and frequency ( twice for the first week and I add more later on ) because my skin is sensitive and the store recommend this way for me. But after 1 day of using it, my cheekbones are swelling and itching. If I go outside with my suncreen on, my skin still getting darker. Is that normal??
  6. 3 years ago was the first time i used the acne.org regimen. The result was good, my skin is clear and glow but it didnt keep it for long! 3 months later, my old condition return and stay until now. ( U can see my condition on these picture I upload on my blogs ). i tried many things to keep my skin clear, spaid hudred of dollars just to cure it but no hope. Many people said that my condition is not that worse BUT THE TRUTH IS NO MATTER HOW HARD I TRIED, IT WONT GO AWAY AND I DONT KNOW WHAT TO DO
  7. I got lazy and forgot to ưwrite the journey but still here are my skin after 2 month ... Well almost It kinda slow for someone who use the regimen but because I PICKED MY SKIN ALOT..... ( trying to fix that ) so its hard for my skin to heal... . its begin to break out and that is a goood signal i think !!!
  8. I dont want to meet anyone because im so embarrassing. My face is completely terrible.its look like sunburn but even worst. The acne is still there and dont have any far improvement . I try so hard to stay positive but Im losing my patient
  9. Not actually the same but on the last few day , it hasnt improved much so i cant really tell does it work or not. Beside , its only less then a week and im trying to be patient so hope its okey !! Like i told you before , i got these underskin acnes since i was at grade 10 grade and stuck there for 2 years,im at grade 12 now. i want to have the most wonderful year so i chose the acne.org regimen . I dont want my last year turn out to be horrible. I took a few photos of my cheeks the other days
  10. On my last blog , I said that my skin is super oily and didn't itchy at all ! But guess what happened ? It was starting to get itchy on day 2 and today (12/5/2016-day 3) it was like hell to me. My skin was completely dried and itchy like hell. I have to go to school and I had to suffer tried so hard not to scratch or even touch my skin. I didn't know whether to use the moistreriser or not whenever my skin felt tried ?. another thing that came to me is the enourmous pore. Before i started to
  11. I have acnes all over my face for about 2 years now and it all underskin acnes. I try many many ways to get rid of those horrible thing out of my face but it didnt work . Yesterday I used the acne.org regimen and i found it realy difference what i expect. - for normal people , when they use the B.P , their skin will be tried and itchy and even though they use the moistreriser , it still the same.BUT for me, when i used the moist , my skin really really oily and the skin tone is darker then us