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  1. Update? I've been doing the caveman regimen for almost a year! the dead skin buildup is insane
  2. I've been doing this method for like half a year now. My main question is: does the dead skin/oil filaments ever subside or go away over time? People that have never washed their faces have skin like their body skin. I'm just hoping that the damage I have done to my face over the years is reversible. If not, why even try?
  3. Hey there! I've been doing the caveman regimen for almost 3 months! No water has touched my face! I still have some breakouts but my main concern in all the dried up oil flakes on my face. They just aren't coming off on their own. I'm thinking about lightly scrubbing them off with a dry washcloth... but I don't want to disrupt the healing process. Do you have an update? You are the only person I have found that has documented going so long with this regimen! Thank you xx
  4. Can you update us? I'm 3 months in and I need help :(