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  1. tane will work great for you, I am so jealous I didnt get it when I could have. Its only a matter of time till you have clear skin...
  2. ya the city it ok ,sometimes, not in the summer though, sux if u lived here for a while , but i try to get away as much as possible , love PA though, hoping to go there this summer for a country msic concert

  3. best of luck with accutane. It is astonishing how well it works for most people. You might want to keep a journal if you have a camera at hand, as it helps to see how much progress youve made if you are feeling down in the first few months...

  4. thanks!! :D

    those pics were before my acne got bad though. i dont have any pics from when it was at its worst

  5. hey, good luck with the accutane. Ive seen the progress people have made on it and its nothing short of astonishing. Hang in there!

  6. your skin is looking much better! Im jealous. As far as what you did with the acid, that looks like it hurt a little...I dont know what you can do for that except leave it alone or try to neutralize the acid. Keep us posted.
  7. moisturize, aloe vera gel would probably work great. Dont get too fussy with that area and just let it be red, it will calm down in a few days...
  8. Thank you for your kind words. You are so kind =) Your acnes have gone. I only see left spots and scars. It takes time to recover but be patient. Time always flies fast, and you know it! :)

    Good luck to you too, and make sure to keep me up-to-dated.


    Prang x

  9. Prang, you're awesome, gorgeous, and a really great person. Good luck!

  10. only time acv has burned me is when I use after exfoliating using a microdermabrasion kit. Formed a scab that peeled off in a few days. Other than that I feel basically nothing, and I've never diluted it from the beginning. Must be sensitive skin types...
  11. well, i know how you feel as a mother because it reflects what my mother had to go through with me. I was Mr. Ambition until I really started to suffer with acne. I went to private school (on a scholarship, Ive always been broke) at 14 so I didnt live with my parents much of the time, but that was the point where my self esteem and motivation took a nose dive. When i got home, I was a changed person, I became completely introverted and disconnected, but I hid my worries from my parents because
  12. man, I havent been out in the sun for years. Occasionally I have to walk places during the day, but I never linger outside. Ive been hiding indoors waiting for my acne to fade...
  13. mine? I dont get too many breakouts anymore, but I have tons of lingering red marks and scars. I have been putting BP on my scars without knowing that was terrible for them, so they have lasted for quite a while. I dont dilute the ACV because I want fast results and my skin is not sensitive at all, probably because of all the chemicals I have put in it over the years.
  14. just to comment on the aloe vera in a blender idea, I used to just buy the long aloe vera stems (look like giant serrated knives) and cut them in pieces, and use them directly on my skin. The gooey sap would stick to my skin and dry out after a couple of minutes. i would leave it on for a few hours and then wash it off with warm water. It worked pretty well, Id say at the very least it made my skin feel a lot more refreshed. Im going to go back to using Aloe Vera. I cant really tell if ACV has d