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  1. i do it. haha. it doesn't make me treat them any different or anything, but it makes me feel better since i'm not the only one with all this crap on my face & chest. i suck. i know. how horrible is that? lol. does anyone else do it, or am i just an asshole?
  2. sleep :] hah. i just went to a huge sleepover party yesterday and i don't feel like going out again today.
  3. johnson's with aloe and vitamin E. as long as the main ingredient is mineral oil, though, and there aren't any freaky weird preservatives, you should be fine :]
  4. have you tried anything that is known to fade scars? i think that would help. just do some research :] also, you could just ask your doctor about it the next time you go for a physical or whatever.
  5. it IS non-comedogenic, but i don't think it will help with your pimples. :[ good moisturizer though. i used to use it as a makeup remover before i washed, but now i don't wear makeup so i don't need it. it didn't break me out.
  6. yuck. i have a sunburn. this hasn't happened in 5 years. the weird thing is, it only happened after i went ONE day without SPF 55. i've only been using sunscreen for 3 days and i haven't increased my sun exposure at all. right now i am just using green tea as an acne treatment. no chemicals or anything like that. any idea why this might have happened? :/ anyway, i need something besides aloe to make it feel better (i already put on the aloe and it didn't help too much). it needs to be non-comed
  7. non-comedogenic and oil free are the big ones. good luck. i know you said you didn't want recommendations, but neutrogena ultrasheer drytouch is amaaazing. :]
  8. so. my mother bought this for me today. it looks good. i tested some on my hand and it went on a little greasy, but dried craaazy smooth. and i think it did help with moisture. my skin is sooo dry right now since it's winter. does anyone else use this? there are the SPF 30 and 45 versions in the ratings, but not this one. i think the sun protection will be good for my skin, but i won't use it if it causes breakouts, obviously. thanks you guys are cool :]
  9. hehehe. no. exercise can already improve acne because it increases circulation and blood flow or something like that. i'm not an expert, but i break out muchmuchmuch more when i'm not getting enough cardio. i don't lift weights, though, so i'm not sure about that. i can see the point about the testosterone thing, but i don't think it would affect your acne a lot. :]
  10. i drink 2-3 cups a day, then save the tea bags to wipe on my face like a mask (that sounds so gross. but it's not. i swear). i think drinking it does have benefits, but i saw LOTS more results after i started using it topically i recommend it though :]
  11. your skin.

    in your pics.

    is like.


    and you are pretty :]

  12. Really? Supplements?? What kind of supplements?
  13. ugh. supplements :[ they gave me hormonal acne. it was horrible. i'd never gotten many breakouts below my forehead before, and now they're everywhere. my chin, cheeks, and my t-zone were the worst. now i'm exfoliating 2x a day with a toothbrush (not recommended, but i can't find a baby hair brush ANYWHERE) and using green tea topically in the morning and the AcneFree 3-step system at night. i'm also only allowing myself 2 servings of junk food a week. j'aime les results :] at this rate, i'll pr