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  1. thanks so much to all of you commenting me, it really helps alot. you reall just dont understand, so THANKS THANKS THANKS!!!!
  2. yeah ive researched it for days...seriously. i think ill be okay. i jsut need to talk to my derm i guess. but im gonna sign off for now. thanks for chatting! ttyl!
  3. i know my doc wants to put me on tane but im kinda scared about it. i will def goole it. i live by google anyway ha
  4. yeah what is that silver stuff? never heard of it? so did you have to take accutane or anything?
  5. yeah i know. but theres so many different varients it could be ya know? so hard to tell. but i know i didnt change my diet or products i used until after i got my acne
  6. yeah well im only 18 but my derm said that it couldve been stress or honestly anything. but yeah my skin is dry and like it peels alot, and i have huge like knots under my skin esp on my jawline, bad blackheads(id be happy if thats all i had tho!), and i get really painful zits allover. like they sting alot
  7. i think when i go to work they will be like... WOW, WHAT THE HELL DID YOU DO TO YOUR HEAD!? lol