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  1. two months done! Kind of a rough month: colds, sinus infection, bronchitis. Finally feeling better thank goodness. Skin is slowly improving. Still breaking out but they seem to heal faster. Texture of skin is smoothing out a bit. Up to 120 mg day for months 3-5 if I can tolerate the side effects. My joints are definitely a little sore, but other than that and the dryness I'm doing ok. Due to all my illness I had to scale back on my workouts anyway. Still lifting but not as heavy, going to
  2. Kind of feel like it's just been a lot of one step forward one step back. Really hoping that this next month clears me up. Been trying a lot of different moisturizers/cleansers/makeup. I'll write up a little about the products I'm trying next time I post. Currently still breaking out, lots of lingering red marks, peeling around my mouth by the end of the day, slight improvement in skin texture, skin feels very thin. I'm using aquaphor on my lips constantly, and moisturizing a few times a day.
  3. Thanks! Other than recovering from a nasty sinus infection, I'm feeling good! Will post pics and a thorough update next week
  4. One month done! Had my one month follow up appointment, labs looks fabulous. They increased my dose to average 100mg a day, alternating 80mg and 120mg days. just had my first dose of 120 mg so we will see how I do. Skin is dry dry dry. But I'm managing ok. NO cysts! Just healing up from a breakout last week. this was last weeks breakout. ? If initial breakout or just related to menstrual cycle. The week prior to that I thought I was clearing up
  5. I thought it seemed high too, but after the first few days of headaches, so far so good. I th Hi my derm started me higher since I tolerated it so well the first time. Thanks though! I will definitely go lower if I need to. 10/11/16- end of Week 2- skin is getting more dry, lips are dry, but otherwise doing well. Skin is lumpy and bumpy, lots of small lesions but no active cysts!! Workouts are still going well. Maybe my knees are a tiny bit more sensitive? but could just be my normal knee
  6. One Week complete! Current state of skin- pores seem to be purging, skin is uneven and bumpy all over, a little flaking around nose, lips feel super weird- like they're covered with layers and layers of skin. Day 4- I stuck out the 80 mg at dinner time and woke up with another am headache, but not quite as bad. I took ibuprofen before I went to bed and immediately upon awakening, drank my coffee and it dissipated quickly. Day 5- went to work at 7am and when I got home at 9pm my skin wa
  7. Hi there. This is my second round of Accutane and I find myself wishing that I had a log from my first round (in 2009) to refer to. So starting this one to track my progress. I will try to keep it succinct as possible and plan to update at least weekly with photos. My main concerns: ability to continue weight training- already have pre-existing joint issues; dry skin and covering up IB for work; fatigue as I have two youngish kids (2&5) and work 12 hour shifts in the emergency department.
  8. I don't recall my first course completely but after a quick review in these forums it sounds pretty common to have an exacerbation at the one month mark. It will get better, don't lose hope!
  9. The IB is different fo everyone but most people clear up by month 3 or 4. I would recommend avoiding popping or squeezing pimples and touching your skin at all since it can cause more scarring. Moisturize and hydrate! Drink lots of water. No foods have been proven to cause acne in literature though there have been some studies indicating a possible link with dairy. At this point those things likely won't really make a difference but eating healthy while foods is always good for your body.
  10. Sounds like things are going well! How has your lifting been going? I'm starting next month and a little worried about my lifting and recovery.
  11. I love your profile picture! Eternal Sunshine is one of my favorites :]

  12. Your skin looks great! You can really see that it is smooth. Yes, the red marks are annoying, but they will eventually go away (so I am told...) One of my piercings has been disgusting since I started accutane, it is a cartilage piercing and it was almost totally healed when I started accutane, but then it started oozing and crusting. It is not infected, it just isn't healing anymore... hopefully when I'm off the accutane it will heal up finally!
  13. Wow, you are done!!! Let us know how the "recovery" period goes. That really sucks about your depression, but at least it didn't start right away so you couldn't stay on accutane. Stay safe, and I hope it passes now that you are done with your course.
  14. Hey! I've been awol for awhile now, and I see you have too! Just checking in, are you in your last month now?
  15. So glad your skin is clearing! Good luck with the weight loss! I know you can do it!