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  1. hi, i'm wondering if there has been anyone that succeeded in stopping bp by weaning off? a lil bit of an intro, i've had mild-moderate acne since puberty. my acnes are mostly closed comedones and whiteheads (it started off from my forehead and then it went down to my cheeks). i've never gotten any cystic acne thankfully. since puberty, i have been trying many different acne products like differin, tea tree oil, antibiotics, clindamycin, manuka honey, vitamins and salicylic acid, however they don
  2. Hi guys.. I'm wondering if any of you guys have had hormonal acne and somehow found a way to cure it? I'm 19 now, and my hormonal acne is not getting better. In the past, my acne are usually the ones that are red but with no head. But now my acne are mostly whiteheads. i wash my face 2x a day, and i use manuka honey as a mask (around 2-3x a week). I also drink primerose oil 3x a day and bio zinc 1x a day. Im also using benzoyl peroxide for my whiteheads. 2 weeks ago i thought my acne is c