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  1. Congratulation on your skin improvement. Your scars had a major improve for a short period of time. How much does it cost each treatment?
  2. Well I think it's worth it for you to read it to see all the process Just like to have to do a research on your derm before you go to see him or her You don't want to any on your skin before without any research.
  3. The process needs time Your face look better some how I think Suction cup will help too
  4. I think you did dry needle was too much so when you apply vitamins or cream would not blend through cause when you did dry need will dry up and fall off However, keep your hope someday your skin will look better
  5. Where do you guys buy derma roller? ebay?
  6. I was reading your post I know but don't give up I will turn 32 soon and now I am acne free last 3 years Don't do any laser treatment cost so much $$$$$ and doesn't help your skin at all I use TCA skin peel 30% you can buy in on Amazon I had horrible acne and scar. I remember that I did not want to go any where at all. When I start TCA peel. I did two weeks apart I did that for 4 months in the rolls Now I just use it when acne pop up I just use q-tip and apply on that spo
  7. wash with with hot water and spray rubbing alcohol it will keep it clear and kill germ for sure
  8. I roll demar roller every Thursday 1.5 mm Vitamin E pill apply on the skin after rolling more effect $15 a bottle for 250 pill I drink Meiji Amino Collagen every night before I go to bed so it will stay in my body at least 8 or 10 hours (cost about $30 per can a month so about $1/drink I don't drink it during a day cause I drink a lot of water it will go out my body when I pee LOL I have been doing this almost two years and I see the huge improve on my scars. Plus I see
  9. I think Vitamin A cream will help redness fading away faster
  10. You need to be patience. The result won't show up right after two treatments. Plus you need to use the Vitamin C cream too
  11. you need to get some numb cream so you can apply more pressure next time