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  1. Jeez...of course right after I post my regimen online my acne flares up again... I was wrong! ARGH! well everyone's skin is different so don't listen to me about what you should do with yours...find something that works for you. I'll keep trying mine and hoping things will get back to normal.
  2. Note on Super Bio Curcumin: Curcumin, or Turmeric as it is commonly known has been used for centuries for its beautifying and anti-inflammatory effects. However, it is notoriously hard to absorb and have a significant level in the bloodstream to effect the body. Life-Extension has created a new formulation of Curcumin which has a much higher level of bio-availability and blood absorption. I suggest using this particular supplement over other turmeric supplements. Check this out. http://www.lif
  3. DreamClear has finally realized his dream to have beautiful skin at last. How I managed this was very simple. After years of experimenting and trying very expensive treatments and harsh ones, like Accutane, I found what I had been looking for. My two ingredients for clear skin are 1. Dr. Bronner's 18 in One Magic soap with TEA TREE OIL (the one with the orange label) 2. Super-Bio Curcumin supplements (available on Amazon from Life-Extension) Thats It! I wash with Dr. Bronner's twice a day i
  4. I consider myself lucky to be able to accept everything about myself except the acne. So once it's gone I will have arrived at being. Maybe its that the social conditioning surrounding acne is too strong and too pervasive to break, or it could be my grandmother telling me at an early age when I got my first pimple that it meant "everyone won't like you because of that". I've come to realize that it will go away when it will go away, and instead of swimming upstream I'm just gonna go with the flo
  5. I resonate with what your saying except "human life is expendable"
  6. it feels good to vent! maybe I'm taking this -blam! too seriously
  7. I've seen a couple girls with great features and some acne and I really didn't care. I thought they were hot. But that's just me! I have empathy for that obviously so it wouldn't bother me, unless it was really severe then it would be unnattractive. But mild to moderate is fine. I find that girls are much more picky about guys having acne, and will not date a guy with acne if it is at all consistent, no matter how mild it is. That's my experience, but I could be wrong!
  8. There is a deep split within me. The image I see when I look in the mirror cannot be my true face. I have known what it is to be me. I know my true self. I am out-going. Attractive. But that's not what is represented to the outside world. I have all these things but they have not come to fruition. I have held myself back so many countless times because of The Excuse. What is The Excuse? "Oh well I have acne..." I am tired of using it. The fact that it is there makes me use it. When can I be tr
  9. hey Molly When I read that you look in the mirror so often that struck me because I used to do the same thing. I didn't know why I would be so obsessed and even though I knew that it would only make me feel worse I did it anyway. Recently I took a two week "mirror fast" where I didn't look in the mirror close enough to see my face, and basically put on my topicals by feel only. I realized looking at my face so many times and making myself feel depressed was not helpful, and I actually think tha
  10. Hey everyone. I've been using the Dr. Weil's Mega Mushroom serum from Origins for a couple months now, I'm almost done with my first bottle. I have to say that for hyperpigmentation and red-marks it's done a pretty good job. I don't have pics but I was on Amnesteem for 5 months and coming off of it I had a lot of marks on my skin. Has anyone else used it? All in all I really like the Origins skin care line. However I do get whiteheads still...