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  1. Oh wow! Found something on the mucous strings right next to the article about bile deficiency. Get to a doctor quick, ideally a naturopathic one that can lead you through a BADLY NEEDED DETOX and screen you for allergies. http://metabolichealing.com/education/articles/gut-function-intestinal-mucosal-barrier/
  2. Hi Oli Girl, I have been to so many urologists it's not even funny. One of my least favorite tests was having a dozen electrodes inserted into my bladder while two people watched me urinate while propping myself up on a porta potty without doors. LOL! I'm sure one of them diagnosed me with something somewhere along the line and it does sound familiar. So... probably, and if I ever get around to reading my medical records again I will confirm it with you. I stopped having constant b
  3. This is very sad See a holisitic / biological / mercury free dentist. There are documented cases of metal toxicity in connection with acne (and other health problems). Ask Your Dentist About Your AcneIf you have a stubborn case of acne and your dermatologist has tried everything without success, you might want to visit your dentist. A Vanderbilt University researcher says there is evidence that an abscessed or infected tooth could be the culprit in difficult cases of acne vulgaris. This
  4. I frequently have long strings and clumps of strings in and around my stools. When I do an enema lots come out with the water. I took a picture and told my doctor. I told him the "strings" looked as if there were whitish-yellowish long worms that had been split and gutted, but sometimes there would be a big clump of them. He was stumped. Then I saw a gastroenterologist. He explained that it is normal where there is constipation. (Which I have, and I see more strings when I haven't
  5. Bohemian


  6. Reading other people's experiences with Accutane. So this could also partially explain a sudden weight loss of 50 lbs and my face looking so gaunt in the last year, so much white hair. And here I thought it was all stress. LOL! We have done a number on our bodies, haven't we!
  7. I did 4 runs of Accutane. I also had mercury in my mouth and 5 root canals that I had removed (i.e, extracted) I also have digestive issues (could only poop hard black pebbles about once every other week) and a bladder infection every 2 weeks which became resistant to other antibiotics so I was put on an open dose of Cipro. I always got a yeast infection afterward, so I got a round of difluan. Then I tried to rebuild my gut flora before having to take the another round of Cipro. Only to
  8. Hey, Interesting topic! I had a root canal done about a year ago now and straight after I experienced acne. Ie never had acne before just pimples here and there that go away after a day or two. It started on my right cheek where I had the root canal performed then moved on my jaw and left cheek. I couldn't understand why. I started getting pains in my body, esp kidney/ gall bladder. Headache, facial flushing/sensitive skin. Tried many products, expensive and inexpensive but this didn't seem lik
  9. Bohemian

    Cystic Acne Scar revision

    Photos from punch excision, Active FX and Deep FX CO2 laser treatments.
  10. hi there! havent seen u round here for quite a long time and i would like to know how ur doing! (:

    1. If you don't end up going on Accutane (you will be completely blemish free by 14 months, no doubt!) you can always go into the dermatologist and get shots in your zits a couple days before and they will go away by your wedding. I will have to look into Spironolactone, I can't believe I've never heard of that one after everything I've been through in the last 20 years of my cystic acne battle!!
    2. As far as oily skin, do yourself a favor and use an oil absorbing moisturizer. A lot of acne is a vicious cycle - you strip it out with medications and it gets dry. Your face will produce more oil to overcompensate for the dryness. Then you end up with flaky dry and oily skin, your pores get clogged up with dead skin cells, then you manually exfoliate to get the dead skin off only to make your tender face even more raw, prone to whitehead breakouts. Ugh, how frustrating. Use those Clean &a
    3. Minocycline works LOADS better than Doxy. As far as topicals, Differen didn't make much of a difference for my cystic. But Tazorac gel does! It's a newer medicine. And it works wonders for exfoliation. Not that flaky dry exfoliation, though. It comes off in one soft rolling sheet, revealing soft smooth skin underneath. Also works amazingly well as a spot treatment.
    4. Sounds mild. There are gentle non-ablative laser treatments that you can do to smooth skin texture and tighten pores. Contact a laser spa. They are generally between $100-$200. For larger icepick and boxcar scarring, lasers will not remove those. The only way to get rid of those is by doing punch excision. That's where they literally cut out the area around the scar and stitch it back together. Your dermatologist or plastic surgeon can perform it easily for about $50 per punch. You can do m
    5. I just had Total FX yesterday! And subsicion at the same time. My face is still weeping but at least the burn is gone today. It looks really bad but it doesn't hurt a bit. The pic below was taken a couple hours ago. I'm trying to figure out how to post pictures of my whole process in an album, because I got punch excisions first to remove the icepick and boxcar scars. The laser can't remove those deep scars, can someone help me? I really would like to get my experiences documented for the b