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  1. I was taking Ortho-tricyclen for years, but that didn't help. Right now, I don't take any meds except vitamin supplements (zinc, A, evening primrose, B-complex). I've heard many people comment on getting drieness, & redness & an initial breakout from accutane. Isn't that the worst too, like we haven't endured enough, we have to always hear "there may be an initial breakout" with a new treatment... Is it worth it to you guys?
  2. I have felt many of the same feelings you describe - acne sucks! And it can be so overwhelming (embarrassing, uncomfortable etc)..it's scary because if we let those negative feelings we allow, from our acne, to take over - it can be truly destructive. It's hard fighting this battle everyday, but as long as we don't give up, there's HOPE; in fact - the more we try to foster positive and optimistic attitudes, the happier we can be (and it seems from my experience that my skin reflects that happi
  3. Like many others here on these boards, I've suffered with mild/moderate acne for quite a while (10yrs) and am sick of it!!!! And, I too have tried all sorts of lotions, cleansers, hygeine methods blah blah... without improvement. My derm has suggested accutane, but I'm afraid of starting this med due to it's many side effects. I was hoping that some of you here, who have tried this med, might comment on your feelings regarding Accutane - to help me with my desision making. THANKS!
  4. Thanks for the info, I'll research minocycline...
  5. If it works then I understand why you would continue with it - but just be cautious - HP is cytotoxic, meaning it kills cells - good and bad.
  6. Venting feelings is usually very "therapeutic" - it's the major activity in psych counselling. However, "obsessing" as someone else put it - is not healthy. So we should all try to support each other as well as vent and spend most of our time here on these boards constructively - that is: finding solutions, gaining hope, sharing experiences and laughs etc. and knowing that when hard times happen, we've got somewhere to turn to for support.
  7. Acne is a really tough thing for most of us. I know what you mean about not feeling up to going out. And the stress of finding the ideal treatment (which creams by which companies) - it's gets rather sickening - especially when you keep having your hopes dashed. Keeping it simple - just water and basic cleansers etc. might actually work for you - it does for some people. If it doesn't well, the search continues.. at least we have this place to help us. Good times will come again - actually,
  8. Oh yeah, JOHHNY11, I forgot to mention, derm says my skin is mild acne (but it's pale and so each stands out! - seems more like mild-moderate to me).
  9. Thanks for all your responses. And I totally agree, dwelling on the negative aspects of acne won't really help - it takes active pursuit of solutions as well as acceptance of "that which I can not change". Anyway, I feel better today and have decided to go back to good old BP; I remember it use to work fairly well. Also, I'll maintain gentle hygeine plus exfoliation (clean washcloth GENTLY and Briefly). Try to eat well (avoid peanuts & bananas - triggers for me), take B complex, and try
  10. Life is so hard sometimes. I know that it's my own outlook and behaviour that shapes my life - but it's not as simple as that is it? or at least I don't allow things to be that simple (shamefully). I know how I want to live, the kinds of things I want to do, but... having "troubled" skin makes me feel overwhelmed - compelled to hide away from the world far too often. I know confidence is beautiful and cowardice is not; perhaps I'm too vain? and that is why I hide? Well, it's been a stru