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  1. Lol same here in Kuwait there are some places where you can get it without a prescription. It's not a good thing, it goes to show how flawed the medical system is. From what I see, people (especially girls) are abusing it and taking the medication even if they don't have acne... they take it just for the sake of making their skin look more clear. Oh and some take it because they hear it shrinks the size of the nose Anyways this means no liver function monitoring and proper counselling. And Roacc
  2. Clear, acne-free skin since I last updated. Period seems to be getting back on track and I barely have any side effects. Red marks are still an issue but with daily sunscreen and night time serums I'm seeing a slow improvement. So so grateful
  3. I told my dermatologist I'm not sexually active due to religious reasons and he took my word for it and didn't prescribe birth control alongside accutane. but at the same time it makes sense for Drs to do so because it's best practice and they wouldn't want to be held accountable for any potential birth defects. It's just their job, has nothing to do with them not trusting you! But if you know you're absolutely sure you won't be having sex then no, there's no reason you have to put your body thr
  4. It's not safe to do any chemical peel while on accutane, you could risk getting burns or scars because the skin is thinner than usual
  5. Hi, I'm in my 16th week of 20 mg/day for mild - moderate acne. The initial breakout wasn't too bad and didn't last for a long time. My skin has been acne-free since around week 11 and I'm REALLY happy with my results! However it looks like most studies suggest that low-dose users are more likely to relapse once the course is over. I weigh 45 kilos. If my calculations are correct - to reach a cumulative dose of 120mg/kg, I still have roughly 22 more weeks to go (of 20mg/day). Or, I can up
  6. Hi, I'm on 20 mg per day and even though it's 4x less than your dose, Accutane changed my period too. In my 3rd month it was 14 days late (yikes!) and in my 4th month it was really light - more like spotting. I've asked around previous users and like you said, it goes back to normal after the course. phew!
  7. Week 10: I got maybe 2 or 3 pimples on my cheek but idk what they're called. The ones that are deep inside the skin and never really come to a head then disappear on their own. Most importantly, no whiteheads! Weeks 11-12: Very happy with my skin these two weeks, no pimples WHATSOEVER , but a couple of side effects came up now that really startled me -- My period was 14 days late this month and I got quite a heavy nosebleed, first one ever in my life. My lip dryness toned down but the insi
  8. Thank you so much! To be honest I sometimes wonder whether the improvement in my skin really is due to the Accutane or the different water from country to country I use to wash is better for my skin (I travelled at the end of week 5). Week 9: I did get some tiny whiteheads or pustules on my cheek but it might because I've been wearing lots of heavy makeup lately and focus on my cheeks much more than any other area. I've also been less cautious about the cheese/milk I eat. But all in all
  9. Week 8: No acne!! My mom asked me "why does your face look so red" though, hahaha :'( That patch of dryness/flakes on my upper arm came back but with more itching this time.
  10. Week 7: No breakouts this week (except for one tiny one that isn't a whitehead and quickly became a scab), I just realised I haven't had blackheads or pores for a while either. YAYY! There's still lots of redness though. Apparently Accutane thins the skin, making marks/scars more noticeable which definitely sounds like what's going on with me. Because even though the acne is clearing up, my skin itself doesn't look good, and the fact that I have a pale skin tone doesn't help either. In any case
  11. Week 6: Good: Chin is considerably smoother/less bumpy and I stopped getting whiteheads altogether (on chin and the rest of my face)! Not so good: still breaking out in other red pimples, they're small and on my cheeks, it's like everyday is a bad skin day unfortunately. These parts of my skin looks very red and angry. It's not the facial flushing some people experience while on Accutane but it's more like all the red marks I previously had look much darker... thank God for makeup Side eff
  12. Week 5: I really don't know how to describe my skin anymore it keeps having it's ups and downs. I got two tiny pimples that dried very quickly but then three more a day later (all on the left side of my face). The big pimple above my nose somehow split in half to two pustules (I think that's what it's called) or whiteheads? I still exfoliating my nose once or twice a week with a very mild scrub and it helps control the blackheads. Last night I came back home after not seeing my family for 6
  13. Hey! I'm on 20mg/day too. How's your skin getting along now?
  14. Seems like your skin keeps fluctuating like mine lol it's so frustrating but it feels good knowing we're "on the road to recovery" Good luck with finals!
  15. Week 4: Hey @- dobutofu you were right. After I stopped applying the Jojoba oil, those little white bumpy things on my chin reduced after one day and then went away completely the day after. Phew! However the rest of my skin has gotten worse. The two whiteheads died off but then I immediately got another one in it's place. I also now have a whitehead the other side of my cheek that turned yellow And another whitehead on my other cheek and a new one on my chin. There's also a new red bump o