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  1. I've still got the red marks, of course.... slowly fading in some cases.... I'm *hopefully* going to get this addressed to an extent with the diamondtome therapy sessions in a month or so.
  2. I'm still clear, although at some point when I was off the medication I developed a couple tiny non-inflammatory nodules in a couple spots: one below my right eye, and another spot to the right of my nose. I wouldn't characterize those as pimples... they are just tiny raised masses of tissue... the best way I can describe it. They don't seem like they are gonna go away anytime soon, but I can live with it. Just weird.. anyone else have this happen post-Accutane? The reason I went o
  3. What brands do u guys recommend? The regimen on this site points this out, but doesn't specifically state which brands. I am currently using a Gillete, Sensitive Skin shaving cream....
  4. My derm will have a 3-month follow-up to see how I'm doing off the medication. If everything is going ok, I will be allowed to begin a series of DiamondTome procedures. Go to: diamontome.com for more information. I've mentioned concern about only waiting 3 months, but they've said it's not an issue. Maybe this is because this procedure is not as rough on the skin? I dunno... but I'm going to bring this up again when I see him in September. Anyway, when u finished Accutane, did u chan
  5. My derm said to schedule an appt for DiamondTome (diamondtome.com) 3 months after finishing treatment. 6 months is the earliest that I've read.... so I'm gonna have to check up on this. I will be off Accutane June 24. On one hand I'll be glad to know that I finished the 5 month course, but I'll be a little on edge (especially 1 month from now) knowing that I'm no longer clinging to the branches in a raging river. I just don't want to have acne flare up again before having the DiamondTome
  6. It's supposedly a fairly new cutting edge microdermabrasive treatment.
  7. My dermatologist will be using this supposedly cutting-edge microdermabrasive device on me in early October (if my acne stays at bay). go to diamondtome.com for more information. Looks promising, especially for those with mild scarring like myself. Anyone already tried this?
  8. It's been a gradual thing... just been paying a lot more attention to it lately because of Accutane. Just started Rogaine tonight, too.
  9. I've been losing hair on the top of my head (the vertex)... I'd like to believe it's related to Accutane but I'm sure some of it is genetic. For those of u that have lost hair, is it confined to any one location on your head (as it is my case)?
  10. My derm and associated pamphlets suggest to stick with an electric razor. I'm still getting the occasional bump-like zits on the neck just below the jawline. Other than that, I've only had one level-2 pimple form on my forehead in the past month.... so I'm wondering if the shaving down there keeps irritating the skin. I wet the shaving area with warm water beforehand, and I try to shave lightly... frustrating, I tell ya.
  11. I had a second major breakout in week 8, though not nearly as severe as the first one. I'm now in week 12, and since week 11 it's been pretty good -- although the red marks require careful application of makeup to make my face look respectable when I leave the house.
  12. heh.... had the 3rd eyeball, too! I had it for over a month, probably 5-6 weeks... just in the past couple weeks has it SLOOOOWLY faded away.... still a tiny dot as a reminder. The first few months are rough... imagine you are Balboa at the end of the Rocky-Apollo Creed fight.
  13. I'm in week 11, and I think I may have turned the corner recently, as my "trouble spots" have not flared up since the last major breakout in week 8. I still have some decaying acne on my face in a couple spots, but overall I don't look too bad, provided I use makeup to minimize the appearance of redmarks. I have some slight scarring in a few spots, but I think some dermabrasion treatments down the road can smooth that out. The other change is that I'm now just washing my face once in the mo
  14. I know I should probably wait till ending treatment to give "final" opinions, but I question the belief that Accutane prevents scarring with cysts that form while on the medication. The skin takes longer to heal and yet, the scarring threat is supposed to be reduced? The skin takes a serious beating in the first couple months on Accutane..... maybe it's not scarring but it certainly isn't pretty.
  15. If accutane is out of your system after only 2 days, why do people continue to report improvement weeks or months after they finish the treatment?
  16. I have almost completed week 10. I had a breakout at the end of the 1st and 2nd months. It's like the body is either in acne mode or healing mode. And there's nothing more frustrating than waiting a whole month (or more) for a breakout to go away, to think you're turning the corner, and then u get hit by another breakout. Those breakouts were characterized by 3 or 4 nastly looking pimples or cysts. Those dark days are hopefully in the past.... BUT with every new pimple I get no
  17. InYourPocket, your case sounds similar to mine: breakout in weeks 4-5 which took 4+ weeks to heal, then right on the heels of that in week 8 I had another one, which went away just recently (I'm at the end of week 10). Now I had another relatively tiny pimple form in the last 36 hrs... I don't think it'll be a major nuisance but every new one I get has me on edge. I just wish I would stop seeing new ones!
  18. Occasionally during the day, my face will feel like someone turned on the oven. It's not a hot flash cuz I only feel it on my face. I drink plenty of water.... maybe this is common when u get into the 3rd month of treatment? Anyone else?
  19. about changing the pillow cases.... I decided to try sleeping in my sofa recliner, starting last week. I still have no problem falling asleep, but the biggie is that I no longer have to worry about rolling my head to the side and pressing my face against a pillow. It's just an experiment.... not expecting much to come of it, but that's the logic behind it.
  20. i use makeup to cover the redmarks until they heal.
  21. my right side has been much more persistent... but im just entering my 3rd month and am hoping for the best.
  22. Things were really looking up heading into week 8 for me... my skin was basically in recovery mode in weeks 4-8 after having suffered a bad breakout in weeks 4-5. Just a few days ago I developed a couple medium-grade pimples right next to each other in what has been a very acne-prone region. Not sure if they'll come to a head but they seem destined to be around for at least a couple weeks. The most FRUSTRATING things about getting these types of pimples is that 1) they are noticeable
  23. those unusual spots u refer to are quite common i would imagine. I've had quite a few of those while on this medication. Never come to a head, but take much longer to go away.
  24. I'm into week 8 on Accutane... Within the last couple weeks I developed something that resembles a pimple on my left cheek, but is not quite as red as a normal pimple - and flatter. It has just sat there unchanged for at least a week-and-a-half now. I also had a more conventional-looking pimple dead-center on my forehead (where I rarely have problems) for at least 2 weeks now... and just recently is it starting to subside. Both never really came to a whitehead... but they just hang aroun
  25. get insurance dude. My accutane (80mg/day) refills are $20/month.