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  1. Kl, thanks, I think that I'm gonna go out this friday and have a good night out. Then take it easy for a bit. Also, I know I should really start a new topic to ask this, but, does smoking marijuana afect roaccutane treatment in any way? If so, how?
  2. Hi, I have just finished my course of roaccutane and I was wondering how long I have to wait before I can drink alcohol. When I say that I don't mean an occasional beer, I mean nights out with friends where we all get hammered. I asked my doctor but he just said that I should wait till i'm 18 to drink (which is ethical, but very unlikely!). PLEASE HELP!!
  3. I'm 3/4 months into my course of Roaccutane and most of my acne has been reduced to red marks. But there are still those few spots that refuse to shrink and I was wondering if it would be wise of me to continue shaving while they're 3D. It's not imperative that I shave because I'm only 15 and my facial hair can go by unnoticed but it's nice to be clean-shaven when possible. I'm concerned that if I shave through the spots that it will leave scars and craters, this is obviously undesirable. What
  4. Bio oil sounds good but would it be suitable for someone on Roaccutane? I'm about 3/4 months in and i don't have many spots but the red marks remain from where I used to have them. The doctor said that they would take about a year to go away (this was when I spoke to him before I started so it is not case-specific) but I can't wait that long. Do you think that Bio oil would be good for me? If not what other alternatives are there?