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  1. I've had body acne for years now, moderate mostly. Tried everything under the sun, every topical and all antibiotics (which I became immune to). I've used BP in the past, Panoxyl to be precise, it has always worked but after a week my skin cannot take it anymore so no good for long term use. Also tried Quinoderm (UK brand of 10% BP) which is a cream based BP, this does not irritate my skin but also does not work. I bought Dan's BP expecting it to work reading all the reviews, so I ordered a bi
  2. Here is a very good article on Taurine, one for the biologists among you about how it regulates inflammation. Lilly should find it interesting: http://www.jleukbio.org/cgi/reprint/61/2/231
  3. No matter, I found Dettol make an antibacterial soap: http://www.ciao.co.uk/Dettol_Bar_Soap__Review_5519498 worth a try, that review says it got rid of spots.
  4. The American guys seem to be reporting some success with anti-bacterial soaps like Dial and Irish Spring. Do we have any anti-bac soaps here in the UK that we can buy from Tesco/boots or somewhere like that? Not really talking about washes/shower gels as they contain Sodium Laureth Sulfate which is pretty bad (corrodes my skin). Soap made from Sodium Tallowate (Imperial leather/Simple) are the best to use but just wondering if there are any soaps which are anti-bacterial to.
  5. This was posted ages ago! Well anyway, lymecycline in my opinion is crap, did bugger all. Went on Mino for 3 months after and found that to be way better. Not on any anti's now though.
  6. I'm very confused, according to the thread creator vit D slows down skin cell turnover, however arn't most acne treatments such as retinoids made to increase/speed up skin cell turnover? Vit D appears to do the opposite of what is needed. can anyone explain the science behind this?
  7. Thanks for the warning! How much did you drink exactly? LiliVG was talking about really small doses I think. A lot!!!! 4 Pints of stella artois (popular in the UK, high alcohol content), 3 vodka red bulls and 3 shots of tequilla.................
  8. AVOID ALCOHOL!!!!!!!! I was doing so well up until today, I went out last night and dranks, lots. Also had a fair few Vodka rebulls for the extra taurine, but didnt make any difference. I had a breakout today, and it was due to the alchol consumption. Alcohol -> high blood sugar -> Increased Insulin -> Acne. Taurine can control insulin/sensivity to it well but alcohol results in such a massive blood sugar level spike that even taurine cannot help. Crap, I like to drink too.
  9. Science one, anyone know what the half life of Taurine is? Or how long it stays in the body? I read one study on rats which said 28 days I think. Would be interesting to know so we an determine how good taurine is long term or whether it has a short term effect only. By the way, I am having incredible results so far, 3 weeks in and I have had one zit on my chest (I have moderate body acne, very inflammed). I take 500mg in the morn and 500mg in the evening, so not a huge dosage, but works wel
  10. Read:;cd=1&gl=uk l'oreal have patented an oral anti-hairloss medication based on taurine, hair loss is essentially caused by the same thing as acne: "The usage of taurine at a dose of approximately 500 mg daily corrects what they term the "rigidification" of the connective sheath that surrounds the Pilosebaceous unit and hair follicles" And whatdoya know.....acne is a disease of the Pilosebaceous unit. google pilosebaceous acne. http://www.
  11. I do exactly the same thing, use C&C Blackhead fighting astringent on my back, I just apply it with my hands (I dont use cotton wool) Ive got long arms so can reach all areas of my back at certain angles. I just rub it in a bit and let it air dry for a couple of minutes. This does help, reduces my acne by roughly 60-70% and reduces size of pimples (Salicylic acid is also an anti-inflammatory as well as exfoliant). I get through a 200ml bottle every 2 weeks, so doesnt cost all that much eit
  12. Looks like someone beat me to it http://www.acne.org/messageboard/index.php...&hl=aspirin Similar thing, large amount of aspirin in a solution, I cant be botherd with aloe vera and all that, gonna stick to my original plan, but at least it shows the idea is valid.
  13. As you may well know, aspirin is actually salicylic acid. The active ingredient in most acne washes/toners, it is an anti-inflammatory/exfoliant. I have read about aspirin masks on these boards and on the net for facial acne, however this isnt practical for body acne as the area is too large. So I have an idea for a cheap toner: 1- 9 parts water, 1 part ACV (Or any vinegar, the little bit of vinegar will bring the ph of the solution down to 3-4, which is what our skin likes and the optimum P
  14. Bit of a scientific question, anyone know what the half life of BP is at 37c (body temp)? Wiki says its: "The half-life of benzoyl peroxide is one hour at 92°C. At 131°C, the half-life is one minute." But that is not really applicable, as our bodies are not that hot. I have tried to google it but cant find anything. Reason Im asking is because I want to apply BP only overnight (dont like it on my face/shoulders during the day due to the discomfort and bleaching). BP must lose its effective